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CCM: About
The courtyard outside of CCM's Patricia Corbett Theater.

The courtyard outside of CCM's Patricia Corbett Theater.

Academic Programs & Majors

The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music offers more than 100 undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. Refer to the chart below for more information on the types of degrees offered by each program and click on the degree titles to view specific degree plans.

What is Piano?

Piano performance involves  an intensive study of classical piano literature and a great deal of practice on the instrument.  The foundational instruction takes place in a weekly lesson with an Applied Professor.  The student is expected, at the end of the four year program, to have a comprehensive knowledge of the classical piano repertoire, to have performed two complete piano recitals in the students' junior and senior years respectively, and to perform on departmental boards each spring semester. 

The serious study of the piano has become an international phenomenon, most recently in Asia.  The study of classical music in general, seems to be on the rise in countries around the world.  Many feel that the study and mastery of the piano can lead to a greater capacity for complex linear reasoning. 

Students who graduate with a piano performance degree often continue onto graduate study, and can become performers, teachers, composers, orchestrators and directors of competitions.

Students who are successful in this degree have usually been studying piano with a qualified teacher for at least eight or more years before their senior year of high school. They are able to engage in many hours of unsupervised practice and have a capacity to perform in public.  They are able to work well with teachers and are intensely motivated. They must have the capacity to handle criticism and to communicate with other musicians effectively.

Career Possibilities

  • Performer
  • Teacher
  • Collaborative pianist
  • Composer
  • Competition organizer
  • Arranger
  • Piano technician
  • Litugical musician



The student is advised by his/her Applied Piano Professor and professional staff in the college office.

UC Advantages and Special Opportunities

CCM has one of the most prestigious piano departments in the country and is an All-Steinway Institution, having one of the largest collection of new Steinways in the world.  The piano faculty have graduated from such institutions as Curtis, Julliard, Peabody, CIM and CCM. CCM is one of the most extraordinary conservatories in the USA with incredible facilities including four concert/recital halls and over 170 pianos.

Many of our graduates have won major international competitions, such as the Naumberg Competition, The National Chopin Competition and the William Kappel Competition.  Our alumni teach in universities and music schools around the world.  The CCM student body of piano majors is international with alumni representing nearly every continent.

Special Programs

There are numerous competitions available for undergraduate piano students.  There is also a student chapter of the Music Teachers National Association.  The atmosphere is intensely competitive, but mutually supportive.

Admission Requirements

Freshman must be offered admission by both the CCM Piano Department and the University of Cincinnati.

For Admission information and criteria please visit the CCM Admissions website.

Transferring to UC Requirements

Students may apply and audition to be transfer students at UC/CCM.  If they are admitted, they must apply for advanced standing at their first Spring Semester board in order to be ranked as a 200, 300 or 400 level pianist their first year at CCM.

For Admissions informaiton and criteria please visit the CCM Admissions website.

International Student Requirements

Auditioning international undergraduates, who do not have an undergrduate degree from an American (English-Language) college or university, must submit a TOEFL score that meets or exceeds the standards set for undergraudate piano majors by CCM.

For admissions information and criteria please visit the CCM Admissions website.

Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate students must pass all required courses and perform both required recitals successfully.  They must have passed a spring board for each Spring Semester they take applied piano.  They must have completed all ensemble requirements and have completed a capstone project in their senior year.


The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.