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The courtyard outside of CCM's Patricia Corbett Theater.

The courtyard outside of CCM's Patricia Corbett Theater.

Academic Programs & Majors

The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music offers more than 100 undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. Refer to the chart below for more information on the types of degrees offered by each program and click on the degree titles to view specific degree plans.

What is Electronic Media?

Electronic media offers course work in the theoretical and applied aspects of today's integrated digital media world. E-media is the backbone of businesses that deliver entertainment, information and education to a global audiences through the internet, radio, television, video and audio recordings, mobile media and more. The media industries, which are converging at an unprecedented scale, are driven by advancements in digitization and by ever-evolving wireless networks. 

Successful e-media students demonstrate excellent media writing and production skills and business savvy. They are comfortable in assuming a range of  media-related assignments and positions. They can be team players or work well on their own. Our best students are curious, creative, flexible, and passionate about their craft. Their success comes from their creativity, their drive, and the broad intellectual base the e-media major provides. 

Career Possibilities

Graduates from CCM's electronic media program pursue many different career opportunities. A few examples include:

  • marketing and sales
  • web site creation and design
  • writing
  • journalism
  • production
  • motion pictures
  • management
  • programming
  • software development
  • sound recording 
  • advertising
  • acting, on-air talent
  • music
  • video games

Minoring in Electronic Media

The e-media program offers an 18 credit hour minor.  There are three required courses, EMED 1001 Media in Your Life, EMED 1005 Integrated Media Production, and EMED 1016 Integrated Media Production for non-majors. Students select three addition courses from a field of options. It is understood that students will need to complete some of the coursework during the summer semester. Admission to the minor is competitive. Students majoring in communications, journalism and business may be especially interested in the e-media minor.  We expect that others who hope to thrive in the integrated media world will be interested as well.Since admission is competitive, most students will apply for the e-media minor after they have completed one year of college. The three required courses mentioned above have an open enrollment policy and are recommended for students who may pursue the minor.


Transferring to UC Requirements

Transfer students may apply for the e-media minor. Admission is competitive and transfers are cautioned that, due to course availability, summer enrollment will be necessary to complete the program.

Application Deadlines

The application deadline will be determined during 2012. Please check back.


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