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CCM: About
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ONECCM - The Path Forward

CCM is excellent in so many ways. We can measure this excellence through attributes such as:

  • The college’s unparalleled faculty.
  • Our award-winning facilities (commonly known as the CCM Village).
  • Our magnificent student performances and alumni successes.
  • Our collaborations and presence within the Greater Cincinnati arts community.
  • Our notoriety nationally and internationally as a premier performing and media arts institution.

Continuing this excellence requires us to set our sights even higher. To do this requires us to ask ourselves challenging and probing questions:

  • Are we adapting our daily practices and curriculum to focus on the needs of our students?
  • Are we listening to industry professionals and alumni to ensure that we are training our students for long-lasting and productive careers?
  • Are we finding every opportunity?
  • Are we maximizing our human, physical and fiscal resources to be good stewards in becoming sustainably excellent?
  • Are we collaborating as ONECCM in order to maximize the expertise within the walls of CCM and to leverage the talents of the other colleges of the University of Cincinnati?

ONECCM – The Path Forward is our way of asking these critical questions of each other and of leaving no stone unturned. We need your help in becoming an even more excellent CCM.

To do this, we are asking for input from every willing faculty, staff and student of the college, of alumni, friends and university constituents. Our goal is to have 100% participation by faculty and staff. ONE CCM – The Path Forward will be the way we differentiate ourselves as a premier performing and media arts institution.


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* ONECCM - An Overview of the Path Forward (1.1 MB)
Learn more about ONECCM, including our process and our successes to date!

How do we define CCM? These are our passions: