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CCM: About
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Our Successes

Thanks to YOUR input, we have completed the initial data collection phase of ONECCM - The Path Forward!


1. How was input gathered and from whom?

  • Through an anonymous online survey of CCM faculty, staff, students alumni, patrons and community members.
  • 576 surveys were collected with 47% of the data collected from current CCM students.

2. How was the data vetted?

  • Constituent meetings were held seperately with students, staff, and members of the Friends of CCM and Alumni Governing Board.
  • CCM’s Executive Council – made up of faculty division heads and college administrators – created action items for The Path Forward, which were further refined by the Dean’s Leadership Council

3. What are some of the early wins of ONECCM?

  • Identified five Strategic Priorities for The Path Forward
    • Attract and Retain the Best Faculty, Staff and Students
    • Sustainable Excellence in Performing and Media Arts,
    • Innovative Teaching and Learning
    • World-Class Facilities
    • Nimble, Effective Organization
  • Successfully melded the Friends of CCM and Alumni Governing Boards
  • Currently on draft eight of a new CCM administrative structure

4. Can I become involved in the process?

Yes! Please share your feedback on our draft vision, mission and objective statements and strategic priorities at or contact