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CCM Arts Administration alumna Jenifer Thomas on Broadway.

Arts Administration Alumna Jenifer Thomas Lands a Job on Broadway

“Every day I wake up and tell myself, ‘you work on Broadway’,” says Jenifer Thomas, a 2012 graduate of CCM's Arts Administration masters program, an innovative dual MA/MBA program offered in partnership with UC's Carl H. Lindner College of Business. Thomas works for Disney Theatrical Group, pricing, forecasting and managing all sales for The Lion King on Broadway and on tour.

The Disney Theatrical Group is the stageplay and musical production arm of the Walt Disney Company. Founded in 1993, as Walt Disney Theatrical Group, the division's Disney Theatrical Productions has produced critically and commercially successful stage performances, starting with the acclaimed Beauty and the Beast.

Thomas knew early on during her music undergraduate studies at the University of Louisville that she wanted to work on the administrative side of the business. She explains, “It gave me the opportunity to pair my business acumen with the medium I love.”

Thomas feels passionately that there’s a need for trained, clever arts-administrators who love the arts and thrive on creative problem-solving in today’s challenging not-for-profit and commercial worlds.

Thomas attributes part of her success to the contacts she made with her fellow students and through an internship at the Santa Fe Opera as a student in the Arts Administration program at CCM. She firmly believes that these contacts were key in securing her first job at the Pricing Institute.

Also setting her apart from the rest of the workforce is the broad base of knowledge that she acquired during her time at CCM and the ability to apply that knowledge practically. “The program’s name is gaining increasing clout as alumni and current students across the country attain prominence and receive recognition for their work,” she explains.

Lion King

Disney's "The Lion King" on Broadway.

One of her fondest memories thus far happened during a sold-out Lion King performance. She says that the children seated around her absolutely lit up as the animals paraded by; their excitement was contagious. She feels incredibly rewarded by seeing children enjoying theatre and the arts at such a young age.

Thomas says she’s loving living the dream of working on Broadway but eventually would like to work as a marketing director for an arts organization, preferably an opera company.

Right now she’s just proud to be a member of a young but powerful group of arts administrators that are reimagining how the arts can excel in this country.

She offers this advice to current and future arts administration students—gain as many experiences as you can during school and make connections! She says, “like with any industry, arts administration is all who you know.”

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