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CCM: Admissions

CCM: Admissions

Baccalaureate Programs

All baccalaureate students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 to graduate.

The minimum residency requirement for undergraduate students is two semesters with a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester.

All students completing Bachelor of Music degree programs, except those in music theory, music history or music education, shall present an acceptable senior recital in public to be graded by members of the faculty, as partial fulfillment of degree requirements.

When to Apply

Admission to the College-Conservatory of Music is competitive. The admissions process begins after Aug. 1 for entrance in the following fall semester.

Applications and auditions should be completed as soon as possible since many programs fill early. The application deadline for all programs is Dec. 1, but if all audition spots fill we reserve the right to close the application for a specific program earlier than Dec. 1 . However, the admissions committee will consider complete applications throughout the year except when a particular program is full. At that time further processing of applications in the program will be discontinued. Voice Prescreening Recording deadline is the Friday after Thanksgiving. Flute applicants must submit their prescreening recordings by Jan. 2.

Musical theatre applicants should apply no later than November 1.

Admissions Materials

Applications for admission, high school transcripts, audition and interview application forms for undergraduate admission and undergraduate audition/interview procedures may be secured from the Office of Admissions and Student Services at the above listed address.

First time applicants are required to submit a $110 application fee (the university and college application fees combined) by credit card when completing an online application.

UC college change applicants must file a CCM paper application and satisfy all freshman and transfer requirements as outlined below, and will complete a "college-change" application. (Only the $60.00 processing fee is required).

Former students returning to CCM must submit the CCM Application for Readmission and the University Application for Admission. Music and dance applicants are required to re-audition after an absence of one year or more. To be considered for a place in the following year's class, applicants must follow the deadlines as indicated for new students.

Recorded and Prescreening Auditions for voice and flute should be submitted via Please go to this URL, register, and submit your audition materials to CCM by the deadline dates listed on this page. Currently this time, students applying for all programs at CCM may submit work through getacceptd. 


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Requirements for Admission

Applicants for entrance to a degree program must meet the following requirements.


  1. Graduation from an accredited high school, generally in the top one-third of the graduating class. An official high school transcript must be submitted.
  2. Music, drama or dance audition to determine satisfactory potential for these programs. An interview for Theater Design and Production applicants is required. An audition and an interview are required of Music Education applicants. Electronic Media applicants may be asked to interview by the faculty, if necessary to make an admissions decision.
  3. Recommendation, using the recommendation form, or professional letters. (See the downloadable CCM Application Handbook below for more information.)
  4. Scores from either Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) of the College Entrance Examination Board, or from the American College Testing Program (ACT).


  1. Must satisfy freshmen requirements above.
  2. Should have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA if from a four-year institution or a 2.8 GPA if from a two-year institution. Selection will be made generally from those who have a 3.0 or better grade point average.
  3. Must submit complete transcripts of all college work.

Additional admissions requirements for individual departments and international students as well as requirements for completion of Baccalaureate degrees are listed in the CCM Application Handbook. For more information, visit

* CCM 2020-21 Application Handbook (1.6 MB)
Updated July 19, 2019

New: Acting and Musical Theatre BFA Pre-Screening Requirements