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CCM: Admissions

CCM: Admissions

Graduate Programs

The graduate programs at the College-Conservatory of Music operate as one of the units in the University of Cincinnati's Division of Graduate Studies. The following degree programs are offered in the College-Conservatory:

  • Master of Music
  • Master of Arts in Arts Administration
  • Master of Fine Arts
  • Artist Diploma
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Music
  • Doctor of Musical Arts 

Admission to these degree programs is vested in the college, and all correspondence regarding admission should be directed to:

Assistant Dean for Admissions, College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati,
PO Box 210003, Cincinnati OH 45221-0003.

Students should consider a minimum of two academic years for the completion of any master's program and two to three years for doctoral studies.

Admission to Graduate study

Admission to any of the graduate degree programs requires the bachelor's degree, or its equivalent, in an appropriate field. For unconditional admission, the applicant must have a quality point average of 3.0 (based on a 4.0 scale) or higher from a fully accredited institution of higher learning.

Applicants showing unusual ability in performance, whose previous record falls short of this standard, whose study was at an institution not accredited by a regional agency or the National Association of Schools of Music, or the National Association of Schools of Theater may be admitted conditionally or with the status of academic probation.

Admission procedures and materials will be supplied on request as noted above.

Some programs require the GRE score before admission can be granted. Please view the downloadable CCM Application Handbook below for further information.

All applicants must supply the College-Conservatory of Music Admissions Office with complete transcripts of their previous undergraduate and graduate study.

If you are an international student living outside the U.S. and offered admission contingent upon receipt of the Graduate Record Examination scores prior to your enrollment, you will be required to take the test during your first enrolled semester. Failure to meet this requirement will result in your not being permitted to continue to the following semester.

An application cannot be processed until all of the above materials are on file. Applications for scholarships and assistantships will not be considered until the applicant's admission has been approved.

Additional admissions requirements for individual departments and international students as well as requirements for completion of Baccalaureate degrees are listed in the CCM Application Handbook. For more information, visit


The Graduate Admissions and Scholarship Committee requires a personal audition/interview for all degree programs in which professional competence in performance is to be demonstrated (a personal audition/interview is also required for acceptance into the cognate field). If it is clear that coming to Cincinnati would impose an unreasonable hardship on the applicant, they may request that a tape recording be substituted. Residents within a 500-mile radius will be expected to audition in person. Note: Applicants for the Artist Diploma, DMA and all programs in piano and voice may not submit tapes.

* CCM 2020-21 Application Handbook (1.6 MB)
Updated July 19, 2019

Recorded and Prescreening Auditions

Recorded auditions and prescreening materials for voice, flute, clarinet, and conducting should be submitted via Please go to this URL, register, and submit your audition materials to CCM by the deadline dates listed on this page. Currently this time, students applying for all programs at CCM may submit work through getacceptd.