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CCM: Admissions

CCM: Admissions
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CCM holds auditions in Cincinnati and regionally throughout January and February.

Continue to check this website regularly for updates.

How to schedule an audition?

Auditions are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis.

Every CCM applicant must have an audition or interview as part of the admissions process. On the application, the applicant will select first and second choice audition dates. Once the CCM Admissions Office has received the completed application (including the application to the university and the CCM Addendum) and the application fee(s), your audition will be scheduled within 1-2 weeks. If it is a prescreened major (flute, composition, voice, graduate clarinet, cello, collaborative piano, euphonium, conducting or commercial music production) your audition will be scheduled after faculty have reviewed and evaluated all prescreening submissions.

When are the auditions?

Please see or download CCM's Audition Handbook for audition date information.

* CCM 2019-20 Application Handbook (1.2 MB)
Updated Sept. 27, 2018

What do I prepare for my audition/interview?

Specific audition and/or interview information can be found for each major in our CCM Application Handbook.

What should I expect on my audition/interview date?

We hold auditions all day long, so please do not make travel plans until you have received your actual audition date and time from us. We will try to make this day as relaxed and NON-stressful for you as possible! On our big Saturday audition dates, we will have informational sessions as well as a tour throughout the day for your conveneince.