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CCM: Admissions

CCM: Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do I need to apply separately to the University of Cincinnati?
Do I have to apply online?
How do I schedule an audition/interview?
How will I know which audition/interview date I have been assigned?
Is it better to audition earlier, or to audition in Cincinnati instead of at a regional location?
Do I need to send a pre-screening recording before I can audition?
What are the requirements for the voice pre-screening recording?
May I send in a recorded audition?
What repertoire should I perform for my audition?
What scholarships are available?
What need-based financial aid is available?

Undergraduate Questions

Are there minimum test score and GPA requirements?
Do I need to write an essay?
Can I complete a double major?
Can I minor in music, or take music classes as a non-major?
Will my AP, IB, or CLEP credits transfer to UC?
What is the music transfer form, and who needs to fill it out?
Do transfer students need to submit high school transcripts and test scores?
Is it possible for me to audition for multiple schools in one day at the Unified Theatre Auditions?

Graduate Questions

Do I need to take the GRE?
What GRE score does CCM require?
What graduate assistantships are available, and how do I apply for one?
May I apply to enroll in the spring semester?
How can I defer my term of enrollment once I have been accepted?

International Questions

What TOEFL score do I need to be accepted?
What if my TOEFL score is not high enough?
How do I get the I-20?
Do international students qualify for financial aid?