Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to CCM's Talent for Hire service? Allow us to address some common questions in the below "Working With Talent Toolkit" and FAQ.

Working With Talent Toolkit

  • Keep in mind that there are a number of variables when it comes to hiring talent, such as size of group, length of performance and type of repertoire performed. Being flexible with your needs and pricing will be beneficial to you.
  • Hiring a solo melodic instrument such as a violin may mean hiring additional musical voices for a fuller sound. A vocalist may be able to use karaoke tracks for a specific song or two. Be sure to clarify equipment needs with the performers.
  • Chord instruments including piano, harp and guitar can give you a fuller sound with one performer.
  • Be open to mixed instrumentation. You might consider a guitar with flute and cello or a vocalist with harp.
  • Once you have designed your entertainment, identify your lead artist and allow them to contact additional artists if necessary.
  • Consult your venue's event manager for suggestions and stipulations regarding appropriate instrumentation and music type for the venue. Use these to guide your entertainment decisions, but be open to other options.
  • Your venue's event manager may handle artist arrangements as part of your event package. Inform them of your interest in CCM performers.
  • Consider the acoustics of the space and amplification if necessary.
  • If there is already a piano at the venue, make sure it is professionally tuned and serviced before your event.
  • What are the major segments of your event and for which segments do you require live performance?
  • When should the performer(s) arrive on site?
  • What is the duration of the performance?
  • Expect artists to know their craft and to work with you to design the entertainment for your event.
  • Most performers have a specialty area, but are flexible and versatile.
  • Talent can take center-stage or provide an ambient background for your event; they can also lead or support audience participation.


No. This is a service to assist CCM students and alumni with job connections in their community.

Since the Talent for Hire program does not sub-contract performers, all queries regarding rates and payment must be discussed directly with the musicians. Fees will depend on the experience and certification of the performer. Since CCM Talent for Hire refers both emerging and established artists, fees will vary for the referrals provided.

All musicians registered with Talent for Hire are CCM students or alumni. These artists are trained musicians. The audition process leading to admission in CCM is extremely rigorous at any level. Emerging artists are building their entrepreneurial skills; if you hire an emerging artist, just be clear in your expectations. Established artists know which questions to ask and can be more of a partner in designing the sound of your event.

You will receive an email with the names, emails and phone numbers of three different referrals. Links to artist websites and/or sound clips may also be provided, if available.

Yes. There are many such ensembles registered with Talent for Hire. You will be referred to an ensemble leader, who can then configure a group for your event needs.

Yes. We have many groups specializing in Jazz music (instrumental and vocal), as well as Musical Theatre performance.

Yes. You may certainly request demos or samples when you contact these musicians and/or discuss the possibility of a live audition.

Some musicians are willing to travel long distances. It is highly recommended that you discuss this with the musicians when you first contact them and know that travel will be part of the fee structure.

You may certainly give feedback. We appreciate the opportunity to improve our musician referral service and we take pay close attention to you feedback. You can provide feedback electronically here or you can contact our office at 513-556-9481.