Registration and Policy

This section of our website contains the most up-to-date information about how to register, tuition rates and discounts, how to make a payment, policies for the year and information about tuition assistance.

Visit CCM Prep's online registration website for more information.

Have you forgotten your account information? We've been using the same platform for registration since 2011 and would be happy to look up your user name. Please call the office at 513-556-2595 for assistance.

Are you a new family and need to create an account? Go to the registration page and click on "login" to get started. There you will see an option for "New Customers."

Registration fees, tuition and additional details are available on CCM Prep's registration website.

Tuition Assistance and Work-Study Programs

We believe that active participation and study in the arts should be available to all individuals of all ages and abilities. Our tuition assistance programs provide limited financial assistance to students who might not otherwise afford the full cost of tuition.

Limited tuition assistance is available for the academic year only. Tuition assistance normally is not available for summer programs. Assistance is primarily based on financial need, though consideration is given to students who have demonstrated a commitment to the goals and objectives of CCM Preparatory and Community Engagement.

Tuition assistance applications are now available. Please contact the CCM Prep Office for application materials. All information will be kept confidential. A complete copy of your most recent tax return is required and must be included with your application. If this is unattainable, another record of income must be substituted.  It is the responsibility of the student to obtain a written recommendation from their teacher, which must be submitted to the office as part of the application.

All students who are in at least 9th grade or 15 years old will be expected to participate in a work-study assignment as part of their tuition assistance award. Please contact the CCM Prep Office for application materials.

Payments and Policies

Families have the following payment options:

  1. Pay in full all tuition and fees for the school year at the time of registration. Full payment can be made via check (made payable to UC), credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover), cash or money order (if registering in person).
  2. Payment plan with recurring billing (automatic payments). Select "Pay Later" under the Payment Options drop-down and complete the monthly billing agreement (available by contacting the CCM Prep Office) and send a voided check (check should be physically mailed or faxed to the office). Please do not email checking information as it could pose a security risk to your checking account).

Please note: payment plans must be via checking account due to constraints of the registration system. The exception to this rule is as follows: while we must have a checking account on file in order for you to be on a payment plan, if you wish to make a payment via credit card, it must be done prior to the due date. We then follow this process:

  1. On the due date, we will verify each account to see if the monthly payment has already been made.
  2. If the monthly payment was made, we will take no further action, other than to consider the account in good standing.
  3. If there is a payment due on the due date, we will process that amount via ACH from your checking account on file.
  • There are no refunds for classes, ensembles, shared or group lessons except in exceptional situations and when approved by the Assistant Dean. Registration, application and audition fees are non-refundable. A student who withdraws due to illness or injury must submit a written statement from a physician to be eligible for a refund if approved.
  • Private lessons for new students may be terminated for any reason before the completion of the third lesson. After the third lesson, there are no refunds except in exceptional situations and when approved by the Assistant Dean.
  • Communicating intent to withdraw only to faculty or staff members, or simply not attending classes or lessons, will not be construed as withdrawal nor invalidate the student’s obligation to pay for all registered lessons.
  • Refunds cannot be processed until the withdrawal process has been completed. To withdraw from any program, the teacher must be notified of the intent to withdraw and a withdrawal request must be made in writing and approved by the Assistant Dean.
  • Withdrawals and approved refunds are calculated from the date the withdrawal form is received.

To begin the withdrawal process, contact CCM Prep to receive a fillable PDF of required information. Return the completed form to and please make sure to include as much relevant detail as possible (especially last class attendance and/or number of private lessons completed).

A $20 late fee is applied to the student’s account one month after payment is due unless arrangements have been made by contacting the CCM Preparatory office at 513-556-2595 or e-mailing  Students who have outstanding bills may not be eligible to participate in recitals and performances and may be blocked from future registrations. Discounts will be removed if a payment is not received within 60 days of its due date.

Per UC policy, any bill more than 120 days overdue must be turned over to the university collections agency. To avoid this problem, please contact the CCM Preparatory office at 513-556-2595 or e-mail to arrange alternative payment options.


All families participating in lessons and classes through CCM Preparatory and Community Engagement must have a signed waiver on file. This waiver may be agreed to through the online registration process. Alternately, in certain circumstances, we have a PDF version of the waiver that can be completed either electronically or printed and then faxed or scanned to us. Please contact the CCM Prep Office for a PDF version of the waiver.