CCM-specific updates regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The University of Cincinnati has provided an update on Spring Semester.

A carefully crafted blend of in-person and virtual offerings, in addition to enhanced health and safety measures, will continue to provide our students with the best collegiate experience possible in this new era of living and learning. Some CCM areas will continue to operate remotely to facilitate social distancing.

As UC President Pinto announced on Dec. 3, a “Green Pass” via the UC COVID Check app will be required for students to come to campus and to access our facilities next semester. In accordance, CCM students must be “Green Pass” approved to gain access to CCM facilities beginning January 2021.

Spring 2021 Return to Campus

As we step into Spring Term 2021, our motto "Strength in Unity" continues to take on added meaning. Health and safety remain a top priority in an environment featuring virtual, hybrid, HyFlex and in-person classes, testing as a critical component towards a safer community as well as remote work options.

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April 5 Update: UC announces that students can opt-in to be eligible for on-campus COVID-19 vaccine opportunity. Learn more about an on-campus opportunity to obtain the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine

April 2 Update: UC announces that on-campus vaccine distribution is being planned. Learn more about how the state's expanded COVID-19 vaccine distribution includes Ohio campuses

March 11 Update: UC announces that spring 'know before you go' testing for students will be offered in mid-April. Learn more about how to get free COVID testing April 12-13 and April 19-20

March 4 Update: UC President Neville G. Pinto shares an update on campus planning for Fall 2021. Learn more about the current plan for the 2021-22 academic year

March 1 Update: UC Vice President for Student Affairs Debra Spotts Merchant provides an update on UC's commencement planning. Learn more about the ongoing planning

Feb. 17 Update: UC President Neville G. Pinto shares plans for Summer Semester 2021. Read the update

Feb. 9 Update: CCM Dean Stanley E. Romanstein shares an update on how the CCM community can maintain its momentum in the fight against COVID. Read the update

Feb. 1 Update: UC COVID Response Team Chair Arthur Pancioli shares an update on the current state of Ohio vaccine planning. Read the update

Jan. 22 Update: CCM Dean Stanley E. Romanstein provides a reminder about UC's Spring 2021 Return to Campus testing requirements. Learn more about testing for residential and non-residential students, along with information about UC's COVID Check App

Dec. 22 Update: UC provides additional information on Return to Campus COVID-19 testing and the COVID Check App. Learn more about the app, spring semester testing and healthy behaviors that are important to reducing the transmission and spread of COVID-19

Dec. 21 Update: CCM Dean Stanley E. Romanstein provides an update on CCM's building access hours for students starting Dec. 21 through Jan. 24. Learn more about CCM Village building access during winter break

Dec. 3 Update: UC President Neville G. Pinto shares an update on Spring Semester 2021. The first two weeks of learning for the Spring Semester, from Jan. 11-24, will be conducted online. Read the full update update

Nov. 6 Update: For peace of mind, to contribute to public health efforts, and to help you and your families take any added health precautions, the university will provide free, voluntary COVID testing Nov. 16-18 to any currently enrolled student in a “Know Before You Go” testing blitz. Learn more about the process

Oct. 26 Update: CCM Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Stephanie P. Schlagel provides information about registering for Spring Semester classes. Learn more about spring registration and CCM's online accommodation resources

Oct. 14 Update: UC Vice President of Student Affairs Debra Spotts Merchant provides details on the expansion of UC's COVID-19 testing among students. Learn more about the implementation of the new testing process

Oct. 2 Update: CCM Dean Stanley E. Romanstein shares health and safety reminders from University Health Services. Stay informed as we continue to work and learn together

Sept. 24 Update: UC has adjusted the Spring Academic Calendar to maintain alignment with our Return to Campus Plan and protect the health and safety of our Bearcat community due to COVID-19. Learn more about the spring calendar adjustments

Sept. 4 Update: UC Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Juan R. Guardia shares important campus resources and COVID-19 safety reminders. Learn more about how to utilize these resources

Sept. 3 Update: CCM Scheduling Manager Eric Louie provides an update on study space available in Mary Emery Hall. Learn more about these spaces

August 27 Update: CCM Professor Jenny Doctor provides an update on the reopening of the Albino Gorno Memorial Library/CCM Library. Learn more about the reopening of the CCM Library's physical spaces

August 13 Update: UC Director of Housing Carl Dieso shares how the university is keeping student housing safe. Learn more about UC housing during COVID-19

July 24 Update: CCM Dean Stanley E. Romanstein provides an update on CCM's health and safety enhancements for fall semester. Learn more about the steps we are taking to keep the campus community safe this fall

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs For Spring and Summer 2020 Activities

Please refer to the links below to find answers to some of the frequently asked questions that have resulted from our transition to remote operations.

Learn more about how to support the Emergency Relief Fund
In these unprecedented times, it’s important to care for ourselves, our families and those in our communities. UC has taken decisive measures to ensure everyone’s health and safety amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Our students are now facing extenuating circumstances related to housing, food and other vital resources. Please consider a donation for our students in need. 

The fund will allow limited financial assistance to currently-enrolled, full-time students who are impacted by unanticipated and/or temporary hardships from an emergency or crisis.

Information for students about the fund and its scope can be found on the Dean of Students' website.  

The University of Cincinnati has more information available about its response to COVID-19.

In addition, you may send queries to