Return to Campus Plan

Return to Campus

The University of Cincinnati recognizes the health and safety benefits of implementing a multi-phased return to campus in advance of the start of the fall semester on August 24. Each of the four phases of this stepwise approach is underpinned by a set of essential health and safety measures. All members of our community are expected to do their part to ensure the health and safety of themselves and others.

CCM-Specific Return To Campus Updates

Oct. 2 Update From Dean Stanley E. Romanstein

To all members of the CCM Community – students, faculty and staff:

I’m so grateful for your patience and persistence as we work through a semester dominated by the realities of living with COVID-19. Thank you!

I want to share some health and safety reminders from University Health Services that will help us all stay informed as we continue to work and learn together.

Download and use the University’s COVID Check App daily

UC is utilizing the COVID Check App to help safeguard the campus community. Members of the UC Community are asked to use the app to complete a Daily Health Check, based on CDC guidelines, and to self-report if diagnosed with COVID-19.

The app is free and easy to use. It can be downloaded through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. A web-based REDCap survey is also available.  The app is synched with the university’s secure Single-Sign On system. The University of Cincinnati takes individual privacy seriously. The app does not use GPS tracking.

Students are required to complete a Daily Health Check using the app and to show their Daily Green Pass to enter some campus buildings, including dining centers and the Campus Recreation Center. Faculty may also request to see a Daily Green Pass from students before allowing classroom or studio entry.

Non-app users can complete daily health checks using the web-based Red Cap survey.

Wear a mask, and observe social distance

To guard against the spread of COVID-19, all CCM students, faculty, staff and visitors are required to wear masks and practice social distancing at all times when in the presence of other people. Exceptions to this protocol can be made only when wearing a mask would prevent a student, faculty or staff member, or visitor from performing his/her/their work. Wearing a mask, for example, would prevent a flutist from playing a flute. Please keep in mind that not wearing a mask or observing social distancing can lead to our initiating contact tracing or requiring quarantine.

What to do if you’ve had close contact exposure to COVID-19

Here is University Health Service’s definition of close contact:

  1. For at least 15-minutes you were within 6 feet of someone who has COVID-19;
  2. You provided care at home to someone who is sick with COVID-19;
  3. You had direct physical contact with the person (touched, hugged, or kissed them);
  4. You shared eating or drinking utensils;
  5. They sneezed, coughed, or somehow got respiratory droplets on you;

If you were around someone who is found to be positive for COVID-19, but you were not in close contact with them, you do not need to quarantine.

If you learn that you have, in fact, had close contact with someone confirmed to have COVID-19, you should:

  1. Stay home; do not come to campus. If you are a student living on campus, stay in your room, and let your RA know right away.
  2. Report to, follow the instructions, and you will hear back by phone or email about next steps. 
  3. You will be asked to quarantine for 14 days, during which you must not come to campus for any reason.
    1. If you live on campus, you should go home if possible.  If this is not possible, UC Housing, Student Affairs and UHS will collaborate on providing meal delivery, medical care and other support services; however, depending on the size and scope of a surge, UC housing may not be available for all quarantined or isolated students.
    2. If you live off-campus, information about how to isolate at home can be found online.
  4. COVIDWatch clinicians will monitor your progress in the database, and as long as you remain free of symptoms, will provide you with a medical note that you may return to class or work on campus.
  5. For students only: You will be asked to get a test for COVID-19. UHS can make an appointment for you to be tested at UC Health, or you may be tested on or near campus, or you may be tested by your primary care provider, or you can get a test in the community. Call 513-556-2564 for an appointment for a COVID-19 test.
  6. For faculty and staff only: You must report to Employees who wish to be tested should contact their personal physician and arrange for testing.

Testing for symptoms and exposures

Please make sure that you are familiar with the symptoms for COVID-19 as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The preferred location for student testing is at Commons Edge North, 57 W. Daniels Street; appointments are required. You can contact University Health Services for advice on where to get tested. 

In addition to testing, contact tracing is a vital component of UC’s efforts in limiting the spread of COVID-19. The university has developed an appropriately trained workforce necessary for contact tracing, working in collaboration with our local health departments. Faculty, staff and students need to pay attention to their surroundings and those they come in contact with in order to make any needed contact tracing as effective as possible.

The science surrounding COVID-19 continues to develop, requiring each of us to stay up-to-date. To help you do so:

Thank you for doing your part to keep the CCM Community safe and healthy!

With all best wishes,

Stanley E. Romanstein, PhD
Dean | Thomas James Kelly Professor of Music
University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

Sept. 3 Update From Scheduling Manager Eric Louie

Dear CCM students,

We have opened up two classrooms, Mary Emery Hall 3211 and 3215, for CCM students to use as a study space from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through Friday (except holidays). Both rooms have a capacity of 11, with desks spaced 6 feet apart.

In order to aid contact tracing, please sign in as you enter the room and sign out as you exit.

Cleaning supplies will be available in classrooms so that students and faculty can clean chairs, desks, countertops and other shared spaces at the beginning of each class. Incoming users should familiarize themselves with the Safe Environment and Wellness resources posted on UC’s Coronavirus website.

Thank you,

Eric Louie

Scheduling Manager
University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

Aug. 27 Update From Professor Jenny Doctor

We welcome the CCM community for the Fall Semester!

The CCM Library’s physical spaces re-open on Monday, 24 August! Here are the important details:

  • The CCM Library is located on the 6th floor of the Blegen Library building. To get there from CCM: go out the scene design entrance/exit. Just across the loading dock area is the back entrance to Blegen Library. If you enter there, you are on level 2. You can take the elevator to level 4. Then you need to walk through the lobbies to the main staircase. Walk up to the level 6 landing, where you’ll find the CCM Library entrance.
  • Opening hours for the physical library: Monday-Friday, 1-6 p.m. by appointment.
  • Appointments are available for the Reading Room (study spaces and browsing stacks) and the Media Lab (including use of computers, wepa printer, scanner, media equipment and practice pianos).
  • Currently there is no browsing in the score and journal rooms.
  • The Click & Collect retrieval and pickup service allows you to request physical library materials in the library online catalog for pickup at designated locations, including the CCM Library. Please see the CCM Library Re-Opening FAQs for details.
  • The CCM Library offers online resources 24/7! Please see the CCM Library homepage and Re-Opening FAQs for further details.
  • For assistance, please reach out to David Sandor, the Public Services Supervisor, or Jenny Doctor, head of the CCM Library.

We look forward to seeing you this semester in the CCM Library!

With best wishes,

Jenny Doctor, PhD
Head, Albino Gorno Memorial Library / CCM Library
Professor of Musicology
University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

July 24 Update From Dean Stanley E. Romanstein

Dear CCM students,

I can’t recall a stranger or more unsettled summer. Given the seemingly constant rate of change, I know it can be difficult to stay balanced and focused. Thank you for your patience and your understanding as we’ve worked to clear a path forward.

As we approach the third phase of UC’s Return to Campus plan, which is scheduled to begin on Aug. 3, I want to provide you with an update on the health and safety enhancements that have been instituted in CCM Village this summer.

Before I provide these specifics, I want to reiterate CCM’s commitment to providing flexible options for the fall semester. My colleagues and I know that some students may not be able to join us on campus this fall, whether out of health concerns or because of travel, housing or immigration logistics. We are ready to provide you with accommodations. Please refer to Associate Dean Schlagel’s email from July 21 (available below) for more information on who you should contact to request these accommodations; CCM’s College Office is ready to help.

UC’s Return to Campus Guide acknowledges that face-to-face instruction may be preferred for certain courses in the performing and media arts, and so the health and safety enhancements outlined below will allow CCM to provide these in-person experiences as an option in the fall.

Steps we are taking to keep you as safe as possible

Although I will be discussing specific steps taken by CCM, the health and safety measures outlined by the university’s Return to Campus Guide provide the operational framework that our college will follow this fall. With this in mind, I would strongly encourage everyone to review the “Stay Safe” section of UC’s guide, which outlines the steps that all of us must take regarding safety measures, testing and tracing, travel and study abroad, self reporting and other related topics.

While it is imperative that every member of the CCM community review the information in UC’s guide, I want to stress the following guidelines for virus protection while on campus:

  • Facial coverings are required for all employees and students. CCM students and faculty members who participate in activities that cannot be completed while wearing a face mask — such as singing, playing a brass/woodwind instrument, etc. — may remove their masks while performing. Your program heads will be providing you with more specifics. Otherwise, facial coverings must be worn at all times except while eating or alone in a private room or office.
  • Social distancing of six feet or more must be maintained whenever possible. Social distancing requirements may be expanded for select activities that cannot be completed while wearing a facial covering.
  • Before coming to campus each day or leaving your university housing living quarters to go to other parts of campus, all members of the campus community must complete a self-administered wellness check based on CDC and ODH guidelines.
  • All members of the campus community must follow good health practices. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow and not your hands. Wind and brass instrument bells should not be directed towards others and water key etiquette must be followed at all times. Stay home if you are ill (except to visit a health care professional) and avoid close contact with others. Get adequate sleep and eat well-balanced meals to ensure a healthy immune system. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • All members of the campus community must continue to abide by restrictions on travel.
  • All employees and students must self-report COVID-19 illnesses and exposures.
  • All employees and students must complete UC’s COVID-19 online tutorial information session.

Facilities preparations

During the Spring and Summer Semesters, UC Housekeeping cleaned and sanitized every building using cleaning agents approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for killing the virus associated with COVID-19.

Items and areas cleaned included furniture (chairs, tables, desks, etc.), door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, accessibility buttons and plates, vending machine buttons, ledges and handrails, windowsills and trash/recycle cans as well as all carpets vacuumed.

All restrooms were power washed and sanitized throughout, including every handle, counter, sink, partition, door, floor, etc.

Other measures include:

  • Cleaning kits with paper towels and disinfectant are being placed in all classrooms.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed throughout CCM Village, located at building entrances and elevator lobbies.
  • Hand-sanitizer bottle refill stations are being installed in high-traffic buildings.
  • Water systems have been operated, maintained and will be tested to ensure safe drinking water.
  • HVAC systems have been maintained and are operating to meet American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers guidelines.
  • Based on our consultations with Executive Director of University Health Services Kim Miller and Director of Environmental Health and Safety Jan-Arthur Utrecht, we will deploy portable HEPA filter units throughout CCM Village, as the data tells us that HEPA filters are effective at reducing particulate matter created by performing artists.
  • Signage reminding people to practice safe habits has been installed in common areas such as restrooms and elevators.
  • Building circulation plans are being evaluated.
  • Sneeze guards are being installed at the service desks in CCM’s College Office, Admissions Office and other high-traffic public areas.

CCM Village cleaning

CCM’s facilities – including classrooms, practice rooms and performance spaces – are being cleaned daily by UC Housekeeping staff using ion units. High-traffic, high-use areas will be prioritized. To facilitate this cleaning within Memorial Hall, practice rooms will be available from 6 a.m. until midnight only. The rest of CCM Village will follow the same schedule. These operational hours will be strictly enforced to guarantee the daily cleaning of practice rooms and other shared spaces.

Restrooms will be cleaned once every hour throughout the day.

Cleaning supplies will be available in classrooms and rehearsal rooms, and in the hallways near Memorial Hall practice rooms, so that students and faculty can clean chairs, desks, countertops and other shared spaces at the beginning of each class. Incoming users will be responsible for cleaning shared spaces to their own standards. Faculty and staff should familiarize themselves with the recommended supplies and procedures posted on the Facilities Management website and all Safe Environment and Wellness resources posted on UC’s Coronavirus website. CCM faculty and staff members can contact UC Work Control at 558-2500 if classroom cleaning supplies are running low.

Classroom preparation

CCM’s faculty and staff have spent several months working with UC Planning, Design and Construction to determine maximum occupancy and socially-distanced seating plans for CCM’s face-to-face classroom activities. We will continue to comply with all relevant state and CDC guidelines, including ensuring 6-foot physical distancing capacity in all directions.

Practice room and rehearsal space preparation

Our plan is to reopen Memorial Hall and restore access to practice rooms beginning Monday, Aug. 10.

Practice rooms will be assigned by instrument and by studio. Each room will be dedicated to a specific group of students, which will facilitate efficient contact tracing if necessary.

Other operational safeguards

CCM’s programs are also adopting area-specific health and safety measures, which they will be relaying directly to students. For example, CCM’s musical ensembles are being organized into smaller groups to allow for ample social distancing during rehearsals and performances. Your program heads will be reaching out to you with more specifics soon.

What happens to a space if an on-campus member in that space contracts COVID-19?

UC’s Environmental Health and Safety will assess the space and determine a safe and effective course of action. Any cleaning and sanitization of that space would be based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Anyone experiencing symptoms that may be related to COVID-19 should contact University Health Services (UHS) immediately at

Fall performances

Out of an abundance of caution, UC is asking all of its colleges to observe a 50-person limit on gatherings — including face-to-face classes, performances and other events. The 50-person limit is inclusive of performers, presenters and other attendees. As a consequence, this fall’s major performances — Musical Theatre, Philharmonia, Opera, Chamber Choir, Jazz Orchestra, Wind Symphony, et al —will take place without live audiences. We will focus on broadcasting as many performances as possible. Doing so will enable us to stay connected to CCM audiences, donors, alumni, prospective students and their families, and to the wider community.

Welcome Week

My colleagues and I will continue to update you as we approach the start of the new academic year on Aug. 24. In our next update, we’ll provide additional information on CCM Welcome Week, which is scheduled for the week of Aug. 17-23.

Stay connected

In the meantime, please continue to refer to UC’s Return to Campus Guide and CCM’s COVID-19 website for additional information. I also want to remind you that we highlight all of UC and CCM’s recent updates in our email newsletter, which will next be published on July 29. You can subscribe and view archived copies of the previous installments of our e-newsletter by visiting

With all best wishes,

Stanley E. Romanstein, PhD
Dean | Thomas James Kelly Professor of Music
University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

July 21 Update From Associate Dean Stephanie P. Schlagel

Dear CCM Students,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones well. As we continue to work through the second phase of the university’s Return to Campus plan, I want to update you on Registration Information for Fall 2020 and provide you with Online Accommodation Resources in the event that you are unable to participate in our in-person class options due to health concerns, travel logistics or other reasons. While this semester promises to be unlike anything we have experienced before, we are committed to providing you with flexible options to meet your individual needs.

Course Listings in Catalyst

We continue to update Catalyst with course delivery modes and classroom assignments. A course listed with a delivery mode of “in person” indicates that we intend to offer a face-to-face option for that course. However, we are still determining room assignments for in person offerings, which are following the university’s safety protocols and social distancing requirements. This is a careful and deliberate process, as room capacity is being intentionally reduced on our campus to allow for ample social distancing. Please note that some course modes may continue to change, but we will not add to scheduled meeting times and we will not change classes to completely different times, which can help you with your scheduling and planning.

In order to provide you with room assignments, we need you to register for your classes as soon as possible. Completing your registration will allow us to start confirming CCM’s room usage plans, which will then allow us to communicate room assignments to you more quickly in August.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your course listings in Catalyst, you can contact your program head or the CCM College Office and we will provide you with assistance!

Registering for Ensembles

All students—new and returning—who need to take ensembles (Philharmonia, Concert Orchestra, Wind Symphony, Choral ensembles, Jazz Orchestra, etc.) must register for ENSM5151/6051 CCM Placement Ensemble before the start of Welcome Week (Aug. 17-23).

Our ensemble directors will be using the Canvas course for CCM Placement Ensemble to schedule auditions and for you to upload online auditions. Once you are assigned to an ensemble, you will be asked to change your registration.

Do you need to have your fall semester courses delivered 100% remotely?

We remain committed to accommodating all full-time students who cannot participate in traditionally required in-person instruction. If a course is listed as “In Person” in Catalyst, but you need to take it online, you can still register for it. You just need to let us know so that we can make accommodations. Here is who to contact:

  • Graduate students should contact Patti Rencher,
  • Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music students should contact Brian Derico, and
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts students should contact Josh Chal.

If your course is listed as “Online,” synchronously (scheduled) but the time zone change is burdensome, let Patti, Brian, Josh or your instructor know and we will make accommodations for you.

Are you an international student studying in the US for the first time?

Welcome! Please email the CCM College Office as soon as possible to let us know. We want to make sure that you are correctly registered for your classes and are in compliance with immigration rules.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we prepare for fall semester. Dean Romanstein will be in touch again later this week as we approach the third phase of the university’s Return to Campus Plan. As he mentioned in his last message, please continue to refer to our university’s Return to Campus Guide and CCM’s COVID-19 website for additional information. We will also continue to share resources and other updates through CCM’s email newsletter; the next issue will be published on July 29. If you are not receiving these newsletters, make sure you have opted-in by visiting


Stephanie P. Schlagel, PhD
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor of Musicology
College-Conservatory of Music
University of Cincinnati

July 8 Update From Dean Stanley E. Romanstein

Dear CCM students, faculty and staff,

Our world continues to change — almost daily, it seems — in response to COVID-19, and the rate of change is unlikely to slow between now and the start of our new academic year on August 24. Based upon what we know at this moment, I want to share with you what we anticipate for CCM’s Fall Semester.

Reopening of UC’s Clifton Campus and CCM Village

In order to achieve reduced density on campus, UC is encouraging each of us to study and work off-campus whenever possible. Staff whose work requires access to CCM Village are being invited back this month; students and faculty will be welcomed back in August and we will be ready for your safe return.

Our plan is to reopen Memorial Hall and restore access to practice rooms beginning Monday, August 10.

CCM’s Instructional Model

Beginning with this Fall Semester, CCM will offer a carefully balanced blend of online and face-to-face instruction.

As established by President Pinto’s return to campus guidelines, all UC academic units are preparing to offer the majority of their courses online and are developing modes of teaching in ways that achieve academic excellence while also supporting health and safety for all. In keeping with this approach, CCM courses that deal with history, literature/repertoire, theory, aesthetics, philosophy, et al, will be offered online.

The University’s Return to Campus Guide does allow for some programs to place hybrid/ HyFlex and face-to-face courses strategically throughout the curriculum, and we are certainly aware of the value of these kinds of courses at CCM. Ensembles will rehearse face-to-face and will observe social distancing in both rehearsals and performances. Studio experiences — private lessons, hands-on labs, et al — will be negotiated between faculty and students, with attention to the health and safety of all parties.

All of CCM’s face-to-face courses must allow for physical distancing and other health-promoting behaviors, and we are following the guidance of UC Planning, Design and Construction on classroom capacity and spacing. In some cases, plexiglass barriers or enhanced ventilation may be used in situations where students cannot wear facial coverings and social distancing is not effective (i.e., singing, playing instruments). Planning for these courses will continue over the summer term. In the event of a surge, preferred modality may need to shift.

Impact of the Recent ICE Directive on International Students

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security rules dictate that international undergraduate students attending American universities be enrolled for nine or more credit hours per semester in face-to-face or hybrid (i .e., mix of online and face-to-face) courses, and that graduate students be enrolled in seven or more credit hours per semester of face-to-face or hybrid courses. We are confident that CCM’s international students will meet these thresholds without difficulty. UC’s Provost and the Office of International Education will provide additional clarification to the University community in the coming days.

Video link:

COVID-19 will be a factor in our planning for the foreseeable future. Given the fast-changing nature of this pandemic, our university’s Return to Campus Guide will continue to be updated in the weeks and months ahead, and I will continue to update you on additional planning that is specific to our college. As Dean Schlagel shared in her recent update on Fall Instructional Delivery, we will also continue to update and expand CCM’s COVID-19 website, and we will continue to share information and resources through CCM’s email newsletter.

Thank you for your patience in a challenging time for us all.

With all best wishes,

Stanley E. Romanstein, PhD
Dean | Thomas James Kelly Professor of Music
University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

June 25 Update From Associate Dean Stephanie P. Schlagel

Dear CCM students,

I hope this message finds you well. As you know, the University of Cincinnati recently shared its plan to welcome students back to campus on Aug. 24 for the start of the fall semester. Like the rest of the university, CCM will offer a blend of in-person and virtual offerings, in addition to implementing enhanced health and safety measures, to provide our students with the best collegiate experience possible in this new era of living and learning.

Until we know that these enhanced health and safety measures are no longer needed, we will continue to err on the side of caution in protecting our campus community. We are implementing a variety of safeguards, including facial coverings, physical distancing, frequent cleaning, reduced density in certain spaces, encouragement of safe hygiene practices and required reporting of symptoms, among others.

In order to achieve reduced density on campus, UC Provost Kristi Nelson has asked each College to identify the courses and experiences that can be successfully delivered online.

We know that face-to-face (F2F) interaction, coordination of participants in real time (musicians, dancers, actors, running crews, producers) and use of high-end professional equipment are all integral educational experiences. We are developing plans to safely provide these experiences as an option in the fall. There will be changes to the way these activities occur and we will remain flexible in our approach, but we know how important they can be to your experience at CCM.

At the same time, we know that many students cannot return to campus, whether out of concern for their health and safety or because of travel, housing or immigration logistics. We are developing methods to accommodate every student in this position so that you can continue your course of study and graduate on time.

We are still finalizing coursework details for each degree program and major, but we now have enough information to start updating course delivery information in Catalyst. We will begin that process this week.

To give you an idea of how CCM courses will be restructured for the fall semester, we want to share some general guidelines we are following as we update Catalyst:

  • Most courses that deal with history, literature/repertoire, theory, aesthetics, philosophy, etc. will be shifted to online delivery (synchronous or asynchronous).
  • Private instrument instruction, ensembles, rehearsal and performance classes, and production classes (studio production, theatre production) will have optional in-person components.
  • Accommodations will be provided for students who cannot participate in F2F instruction.

Information for Classes Changed to Online

  • These classes will appear in Catalyst with the following information:
    • Campus: Web
    • Instruction Mode: DL
    • Facility: Online
  • After we change a class in Catalyst to “ONLINE” it will not change back to in-person later in the semester.
  • If an online class will be asynchronous (no required live meetings) the meeting day and time will be erased from Catalyst, freeing up that time in your schedule. It will not change to scheduled/synchronous later in the semester.
  • Scheduling information for synchronous online courses will remain intact in Catalyst. There will be asynchronous accommodations for students living in distant time zones.

Information for Classes Still Listed as In-Person

  • These classes will appear in Catalyst with the following information:
    • Campus: Uptown Campus West
    • Instruction Mode: In-Person, or PD (partially distant) or MD (mostly distant)
    • Facility: [A campus building name will appear in this space]
  • Classes that are listed as in-person may undergo further modifications. We will carefully manage CCM’s use of space. As the semester unfolds, we may need to reduce scheduled meeting times or shift courses to entirely online to comply with changing public health requirements. We will not increase any scheduled class meeting time or reschedule a class to a different time.

CCM is committed to accommodating all full-time students who cannot participate in traditionally required in-person instruction. This may include a combination of online delivery of equivalent course content and curricular adjustments (e.g., postponing a course offering until face-to-face instruction can resume, adjusting students’ curricula on a case-by-case basis) so that you can graduate on time.

Over the next few weeks, faculty members will reach out to you to ask about your needs and to provide additional details about what we expect as the semester unfolds. We will also continue to update and expand CCM’s COVID-19 website, and we will continue to share information and resources through CCM’s email newsletter.

On behalf of Dean Romanstein, Dean Martin, the College Office staff, the Admissions Office staff and your teachers, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your patience during this time of great uncertainty. Whatever your situation, we will work with you to find the best solution to fit your needs for a safe and successful learning experience.


Stephanie P. Schlagel, PhD
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor of Musicology
College-Conservatory of Music
University of Cincinnati

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