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Featured Alum: Brooke Anderson

Brooke Anderson

Brooke Anderson is a happy E-Media graduate who loves her job.  She is the Executive Producer of New Media for Cincinnati’s Channel 9 WCPO.

Originally from California, Brooke graduated from Anderson High School in 1996 and UC in 2004.  Much of her time in college was spent writing screenplays with a hope of returning to California.  Now she writes screenplays for fun.

The class that changed her path was C++ programming.  She says, “It kicked my rear.  I did somehow manage to pull A’s out of that class.”  Brooke felt that learning the C++ programming language gave her an advantage when she began learning multimedia and that it made learning html and flash come easily for her.

Her first job as a graduate was as a telephone sales operator with Citibank.

After many interviews, WCPO Channel 9 hired Brooke for a career in Web productions.  She began in November 2007 as a new media coordinator.

Brooke is the executive producer of new media now that she has been promoted.  She is in control of three different news websites and edits daily for design, functionality, and content. 

Her job consists of leadership, communications, and teaching as well as using her web savvy technology skills.  She says her average day at the office begins around 9:45 am with a meeting and she can leave by 6:30 pm.  However, she says, “my job is literally 24/7.  I am on call 24 hours a day.”

Her average day is very busy.  She attends editorial meetings, delegates tasks to the web team, is the communication liaison for reporters content going to the web, pitches stories to the news directors, searches the internet for new story leads, spearheads social networking, teaches the reporters the technology so they can be the best multi media journalists they can be and interfaces with different departments with promotions.  All of this happens in one day.

Brooke loves change, whether it is learning new technology or just the content changing every day.  This is good, because with a field called New Media, the technology is always changing, so today’s ‘new’ is tomorrow’s ‘old.’

Written by Lori Hardin, March 2010