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Featured Alum: Michael Batdorf Class of 1997

Michael Batdorf with Professor Kevin Burke

Michael Batdorf (left) with E-Media Professor Kevin Burke (right)

Las Vegas. Poker tournaments. Road trip. Psychics. Kidnappings. Bounty hunters.

What do all these things have in common? They are all featured in the new book Pair of Jacks. It is the first published novel by E-Media graduate Michael Batdorf.

Michael attended UC from 1993 to 1997, majoring in Electronic Media. Because of his outstanding work in E-Media, he earned a summer internship at  Paramount Pictures in California. Later, Michael studied fiction writing at The Antioch Writer’s Workshop and Columbus Writers Conference. 

For the past five years, Michael has been working as a corporate communications manager at a top-50 private company in Cincinnati. Previously, he worked for Jack Rouse Associates in marketing and sales.  Michael lives in Cincinnati with his wife and two children.

E-Media professor Kevin Burke met with Michael shortly after his novel was published. 

“It's always great to hear about success stories with our alumni,” says Professor Burke. “Michael was a student during my first year at UC, and I am delighted to hear of his latest accomplishment with the publication of Pair of Jacks.”

The promotional material says Pair of Jacks is a fictional work full of suspense, twists, humor, and action. It is intended to appeal to a range of readers – from “tweens” to adults. The novel also aims to draw interest from the increasing number of poker fans as well as fans of adventure fiction.

The story involves a 13-year-old boy’s search for his long-lost father. Sounds interesting? Well, that’s just scratching the surface. The father and son happen to share a unique psychic ability that enables them to read other people’s minds. Their psychic talents also help them win a lot of money in professional poker tournaments. 

The plot develops when the boy sets out to find and rescue his kidnapped father. His journey unfolds through meeting friends, finding love, and winning riches from professional poker superstars. A fake beard, one-eyed bounty hunters, and a secret gambling den in the Nevada desert add unique elements to the story.

The website for Pair of Jacks describes the book as “fantastic fiction, high adventure, filled with unforgettable characters and events.” Purchase information is available on the website.

Michael Batdorf's fans in E-Media hope the book is a big hit and turns into a major motion picture!

Written by Mark Hixenbaugh, December 2009