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Featured Alum: Craig Kronenberger Class of 1993


It is great for students to hear about the success of Electronic Media graduates. One success story is that of 1993 E-Media graduate Craig Kronenberger. 

Kronenberger came into the E-Media program aspiring to be a documentary filmmaker. After graduating in 1993, he found it hard to find a job and decided to shift gears and move to Atlanta, Georgia.

After a stint as a film location advertiser, he started working on html and web design. Kronenberger tried convincing potential suitors that the World Wide Web was the next big thing.  He was finally hired and soon became the largest advertising web provider in the South East.

By age 25, Kronenberger sold over a million dollars worth of advertising on the web, the first to do so.  This resulted in advertising gigs for General Motors, JC Penny’s, and other major firms.

Kronenberger then moved to San Francisco to start up Spunk Productions, which specialized in cartoons and Flash games. Kronenberger’s family-friendly gaming companies, Elf Island and Xeco promote “gaming for good.”

While in California, Kronenberger worked with director Tim Burton, Marvel creator Stan Lee, and collaborated on the film How The Grinch Stole Christmas. He also worked with the motion picture company DreamWorks.

After a stint developing web content for phones in Asia, Kronenberger returned to Atlanta. There he started two more companies, Symmetry and Good Egg.

In 2010, Kronenberger accepted a Senior Vice President position at Edelman Digital, the digital arm of the largest, independently owned communications firm in the world.  Part of his responsibilities include

Craig Kronenberger says he owes a lot of his success to his time in E-Media. The ability to work with audio, video, and how to tell stories have built critical skills that stuck with him. The program is creative driven, hands-on, and teaches problem solving skills which have all been essential, he said.

The key reason Kronenberger’s career has occurred has been because he is motivated, entrepreneurial, creative, and continuously thinks outside the box.

“If you do that you can go many places. If you don’t, you get stuck. If you keep those (ideals) they will always take you great things.”

Part of Kronenberger’s role at Edelman is speaking at universities about social media and its impact on media consumption.  He also lectures about media trust and purpose. 


Written by Steve Dickman, January 2011, updated May 2011