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Featured Alum: Jim Eberhard Class of 1965


Jim Eberhart was born and raised in Cincinnati. He attended Hughes High School just down the road from the UC campus. He was always pressed to get a college education; then one summer he found out what he wanted to study.

 “I got a summer job moving stuff for the College-Conservatory of Music,” says Eberhart.

He was helping move the radio/television equipment to CCM’s new studio. The technology he helped move fascinated him and he went into that major.

He started attending CCM in 1959 back before it was a part of UC. Back then the college was over on Auburn Avenue and its radio/television studios were downtown. Three years later CCM became apart of UC.

Eberhart got his first full-time job during his time in school and has been working in the field every since. He even worked as an instructor at CCM, teaching Broadcast Equipment Operations in 1966 and 1967.

“I taught tapes, turntables, microphones… course a lot of that stuff isn’t used anymore.”

After he graduated in 1965 he went on to work in many different radio stations, such as WGUC, WUBE, and WSAI. His first radio job, however, was at CCM.  He has worked in the radio industry for 45 years.  Even now he does part-time work at WQLK (also known as Kicks 96) in Richmond, Indiana.

One of his fond memories was watching the Crosley Tower go up in 1969.

 “It took 48 days, and I would come out after working at the studio and could see it rising up from the ground, little by little each day,” he says.

Eberhart has done many things during his career. He worked at the World Series in 1990. He has worked at many baseball games, and has even worked from the Goodyear Blimp.

 “You get to see lots of things if you work in radio long enough,” Eberhart says.

Many people don’t know the name, Jim Eberhart, but I do. This man is my grandfather.



Written by Samantha Parks, posted December 2012