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Featured Alum: Elliot Greenberg '01

Elliot Greenberg

The box office hit Chronicle has a significant CCM connection.

E-Media graduate Elliot Greenberg ’01 is the editor of the film, which was number one in the box office nationally the weekend of February 10-12, grossing an estimated $12 million.

Elliot began his West Coast career right after graduation.  His eight prior films include Devil, Sorority Row and Quarantine.

“Elliot’s success does not surprise me,” said E-Media Associate Professor Kevin Burke.

 “He has worked hard and come up through the ranks of assistant editors in LA, while learning from a number of talented editors and directors.  He has since served as editor on films with progressively larger budgets and subsequent box office receipts. His response to it all, ‘Pretty crazy isn’t it?’  Well, that’s Elliot,” Professor Burke said.

While at CCM, Elliot was involved in the production of an award-winning  student film Eastern Standard Time.  That film will be shown at an upcoming E-Media event.

Chronicle is about three high school friends who gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery.


Posted February 14, 2012