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Featured Alum: Ben Hoover

Ben Hoover with his wife and son.

Ben Hoover found his broadcasting “obsession” two years after he started college.  Once he found the E-Media program Ben knew he had found his true passion.

The 2001 graduate, became nighttime anchor for WSI-TV in Columbia, South Carolina in August 2008. Ben moved to Columbia from Greenville, S.C. where he helped launch a four hour morning newscast at WHNS. His first job after graduating from UC was as a producer with WMAZ in Macon, Georgia.

When starting Electronic Media Ben knew he wanted to do news, but did not want to be an anchorman.  Ben said, “I had no interest in being in front of the camera. It was really in the Uptown class with  Marjorie Fox when I discovered my "knack" for producing news. She told me if you want any sort of clout in the news industry you need to know how to produce. That still to this day is the best piece of advice I've received. I had no idea I would be pulled onto the other side of the camera in my first producing job.”

The other thing Ben Hoover says he loves about E-Media is, “you learn how to do EVERYTHING.”  He goes on to mention classes that he really enjoyed and says that he learned something new everyday.  Ben Hoover starts off talking about one of Professor Fox’s’ classes, “The TV news class with Marjorie really got you ready to work in a newsroom.  She tried to make it as realistic as possible.  And, she did without the same stress level!”

“Kevin Burke’s TV Production classes were amazing.  I walked out of that class every time knowing 20 things about TV I never knew before.”  

Internships are a huge part of the E-Media program.  Ben won the CNN/Time Warner scholarship to intern at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta.  Though he never interned locally, he did work at WKRC as the weekend assignment editor. 

Ben Hoover knew his true inspiration for news during his whole process through Electronic Media.  He never changed his mind in the direction he wanted to go.  His piece of advice to all the future broadcast students is, “Learn and know how to do it all.  Even if you want to be a news reporter, you better know how to produce, edit, shoot, write, etc.  The first job is very important.  You will make nothing.  You will be poor, but if you work hard you can go on to make very good money”.

Ben met his wife Rachel while he was working in Macon. They have a little boy named Anderson and are expecting a baby girl in January.

Written by Kim Schupp, December 2008