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James Bedingfield, Class of 2008

James Bedingfield

James graduated from E-Media in 2008.  In his last six months at UC, he was fortunate to do an internship in the Newsroom at 700WLW, a Clear Channel-owned radio station in Cincinnati.

Upon graduation, he got a part-time job assisting the Traffic Report Anchor.  He helped put the reports together by watching traffic cameras on the highway and monitoring police scanners.  Eventually, he started producing shows, which involved running the board and screening phone calls.  Now, he is the Chief Technical Producer.  He is in charge of hiring, training and scheduling producers on six radio stations, one of which (WLW) is manned 24/7/365.

On a daily basis, he is Executive Producer of Jim Scott’s Early Morning Show, and also does sports reports on the air during his show.  He runs the board for Scott Sloan’s Midday show, and also produces games on the Reds and Bengals Radio Networks.