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Lindsay Jobst, Class of 2014

Lindsey JObst


Lindsay Jobst graduated from the University of Cincinnati in December 2014, with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a minor in Electronic Media. Today she serves as a News reporter and Anchor for WHIZ-TV in Zanesville, Ohio. I had the chance to ask Lindsay about her journey as a CCM student and her experiences in the E-media program. Lindsay loves her job, but how she got there is a story that can be appreciated by any student aspiring to pursue a career in E-media.

Initial Goals

Like many other students, Lindsay entered CCM with her own goals and dreams. She enrolled into the E-media program to learn everything that she could about the technological side of broadcasting, so she could use this knowledge to one day become a professional broadcaster.


Internships and Careers during College

While she was in College, Lindsay interned at two Cincinnati News Stations, WXIX and WKRC. These internships gave her the opportunity to work with professionals in the industry.

After her internship at WXIX ended, Lindsay got hired at the station as a news content specialist. She worked on the set for the six-and-a-half hour morning news program, working behind the scenes running cameras and floor directing. After seven months, Lindsay landed her current full-time position in Zanesville.

The Impact of a Professor

When asked which professor in CCM influenced her the most, Lindsay’s immediate answer was: Hagit Limor. To Lindsay, Hagit wasn’t just a mentor but also a role model for her in the business. Lindsay also believes that without her, she would not be where she is today.

Favorite things about the E-media Program

Lindsay says many aspects of the E-media program helped her get where she is today. She says the E-media program opens doors to endless possibilities and opportunities for students.

Lindsay took advantage to learn all aspects of broadcasting. She says learning at the E-Media Division goes far beyond sitting in a classroom. As a journalist she was able to get into the field and do some reporting of her own, and by doing so was able to gain on-air and behind-the-scenes experience.

Lindsay Jobst Today

As a journalist and reporter for WHIZ-TV, Lindsay says she “seeks the news and reports it.” Each day she is exposed to different people from all walks of life. The career has changed her outlook on life, with her primary goal to give a voice to the voiceless, something that she does every single day.

Advice to Current E-media students

For those who are currently in the E-media program, Lindsay offers some advice from her experience as a past E-media student.

·       Work hard. This program can be tough, but fun at the same time. Put in the time and effort and you will succeed.

·       Build relationships with others and get involved. There are tons of organizations available; take advantage.

·       Be optimistic/Go after your dreams

·       Follow your passion, but be open to learning other fields of study. It never hurts to be well-rounded.

·       As far as your career goes, accept criticism with appreciation. Criticism will only make you better.

·       Never feel discouraged to ask for help. No question is a dumb question.


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Written by Samantha Nutting