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Featured Alum: Carl Patterson

Carl Patterson

Carl Patterson was fascinated with the media field as a child.  A love of sports, coupled with an appreciation for film, it seemed a natural progression to head toward a field that allowed him to produce content. 

While his original plans were to become a film producer, or perhaps work in public relations, his passion for sports telecasting was too strong and he became a sports producer/director.

Upon graduating summa cum laude from the E-Media program in 1995, he took on many small jobs before settling in Portland, at ASCN Sports where he covered all sports from the high school level to the professionals.

He quickly advanced and had short stints as a freelance producer with the Detroit Pistons. Then he became a producer/director for Cleveland Browns programming. Two years later he landed what he calls his ‘dream’ job.

Carl is now a two-time, Emmy-award winning producer for Fox Sports Net in Cleveland, where he is responsible for producing and directing all game and pre-game telecasts for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, one of the league’s ‘premier’ teams.

Carl offers up three great points of advice:

  • “Diversify yourself as much as possible, personally and with your work.  Just because you want to be a TV news anchor, doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn editing.”
  • “Learn the basics as technology can only get you so far.  Learn the foundation of our craft.”
  • “Lastly, never stop looking for your next great opportunity.  Take risks as the path to your dream is not always a straight-line.”

Carl says he never envisioned being where he is today and attributes much of his success  to his time in E-Media.

“It all started with Professor Getz-Rouse who was the first to believe in my work, and so we became good friends and she helped along through the major.” (Dr. Morleen Getz-Rouse retired in 1999)

Carl had a passion for all hands-on crafts, especially in audio classes.

 “I can remember splicing tape on the reel machines.  I don’t even think they exist anymore but anytime I was making something, I felt like I was being productive.”

Carl Patterson’s internships are one of his greatest memories.  The division awarded him an internship with Redna Productions, which was the commercial production wing for Procter and Gamble.

Carl lives in Cleveland with his wife of 13 years, Colleen, and their two dogs and cat.  He has many family members living in Cincinnati.

Written by Shawn Michael Hayes, February 2009.