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Featured Alum: Jacquelyn Shriver

Jacquie Shriver ’03 is working for Sony Computer Entertainment America as a Senior Dialog Coordinator.  “This basically means I cast, direct and schedule voice talent for video game projects.”

Jacquie decided to move out to Los Angeles after her experience in LA through the Ziv Scholarship Award she received in cooperation with Soundelux DMG.

“I had zero expectations when I came to Los Angeles for the summer after being awarded the scholarship that took me to Soundelux DMG. I knew very little about video games, and even less about voice talent. I've learned everything I know professionally since I have been on the job, but all of my background in audio and media (especially the law classes when dealing with SAG and AFTRA) really set me up to begin learning quickly.”

Jacquie thanks the Electronic Media Major for setting her up to be prepared for anything, and everything media related.

“I had a spectacular time in E-Media. I think I knew the entire time I was in the program that there would end up being some amazing job on the other side of it. I knew I wanted to be invovled in audio, and ate up the audio classes that were offered.  Being well rounded by the video production, new media, law and sales classes kept me interested and made me feel like I was truly getting an education, rather than attending a trade school. I enjoyed the professors and my fellow students a great deal, and in fact keep in touch with most of them!”

One of the most important classes that Jacquie finds she used the most is law.

“I'd recommend that everyone keep the law text book, and really pay attention. Almost everything we discussed has come up in my professional life, and it always makes me look good to know what I'm talking about, even though I'm not a lawyer.”

After Jacquie is done working at Sony for the day she teaches voice actors specific skills on how to do proper voice-overs specifically for video games.

Editor's note: We're trying to get a new photo of Jacquie. (Come on Jacquie, send it!) In the process we googled Jacquie and found that she a speaker at a the Game Developers Conference in late March in San Francisco. That link is below.

Link: Game Developers

Written by Zach Mueller, March 2009