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Sydney Benter, Class of 2011


Sydney became interested in news casting during her high school days because of her love for writing, theater and current events. 

She chose to study Electronic Media here at The University of Cincinnati because of the "world class art that the College Conservatory of Music has to offer" said Sydney.  She enjoyed being exposed to different cultures and people.  Having a liberal arts degree allowed her to take classes that strongly impacted her life and worldview, classes that she would not have had the opportunity to take at a trade school.

During her time at UC she was involved with "CCM Weekly", which spotlighted different events, plays and recitals.  She was heavily involved with the National Broadcast Society, which told local stories.  She was also a student intern at WKRC.  While there, she impressed the news director Kirk Varner with her enthusiasm and work ethic.

Sydney applied for a reporting job in Terre Haute, Indiana when she graduated in 2011, but instead got the coveted position of anchor.  After working there for three years, she returned to Cincinnati to work at Channel 12. Syndey has now accepted a position as anchor in Austin, Texas.

Sydney says her favorite part of the job is being exposed to different people from all walks of life and having the opportunity to serve as a platform to have their stories heard.  If she had not been a news anchor, Sydney says she would have been a human rights advocate because of her concern and empathy for all people.


Sydney's Tips for Success:

1.  Be observant of how others do their job, so you can do yours better

2.  Be a learner outside of your discipline

3.  Be positive

4.  Be friendly

5.  Be accurate

6.  Be quick

7.  Be a hard worker

8.  Be willing to ask for help when needed


Written by Mark D' Andrea