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Cinematic Arts Collaborative


Beginning in the fall semester of the 2016 school year, the Cinematic Arts Collaborative formed as a new student group at the University of Cincinnati, to bring members real-world experience in the film industry.

The CAC is a portion of UC’s new multi-dimensional Digital Media Collaborative movement, linking the college of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, the College-Conservatory of Music, and McMicken College of Arts & Sciences.  The Digital Media Collaborative will “promote and support research, creative scholarship, and professional activity that emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration and explore aspects of digital media production and its role in society.”

New Faculty will Lead CAC

The backgrounds of CAC’s newly hired faculty leaders Matt Irvine and Kristyn Benedyk  are sure to bring a new light to the University of Cincinnati. Professors Irvine and Benedyk previously worked at DePaul University where they built their film program that is now one of the top in the nation. They hope to do the same here at UC.

CAC’s President Mary Monda believes that this is just the beginning of something great.   “The Cinematic Arts Collaborative is pulling together resources and opportunities for students,” Monda said. “We’re going to have meetings twice a semester to present these opportunities to the students and give them a centralized place to look for those resources and those opportunities.”

Opportunities Vary Widely

The CAC consists of departments ranging from screenwriting to post-production and everything in between. Students who are looking for more projects outside of the classroom are encouraged to participate in any or all of the departmental groups.   “We’re giving students a safe environment for resources and collaboration with other students and faculty members and organizations around campus to work on cinema projects outside of the traditional classroom setting,” said Monda.

Within the next ten years, Professors Irvine and Benedyk plan to build a new, free-standing film building that will house state-of-the-art film equipment for all students to use, as well as implement an “LA Quarter” opportunity for students to move to Los Angeles for a semester to live and work on a film lot.

The future of the CAC rides on the members’ interests and ideas and the group invites all students to participate.  To get involved, contact Mary Monda at


Written by Lauren Burt