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E-Media Production Office

E-Media students take Digital Video during their second year in our program.  They’ll find the staff in the production office to be important to their that course and beyond.

Renting Cameras from E-Media

Some E-Media students have their own digital cameras and production equipment, but most of us aren’t so lucky. This is where the E-Media Production Office steps in.

The Electronic Media program is based on the use of technologies to help us make creative and commercial works. Without access to the technology and people making sure its kept in good condition, we can’t function.

The production office allows students to check out cameras and other production equipment. Its team of staff and student workers exists to train students on how to use and respect the equipment.

Hours and Location

The E-Media Production Office is located in Mary Emery room 3200 and is open from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. The checkout desk number is 513-556-9296.


Who’s in charge?

Kenneth Dale Allen is our production manager.  He is a member of the Electronic Media class of 2006. He was a student worker during his time at UC.  Kenneth is also remote production specialist at ICRC-Tv and is owner of Kenneth Allen photograpy.

This year the office has eightr student workers. They assist in administering camera and system hookup tests, unlocking facilities, checking out and checking in equipment for students, and troubleshooting equipment and software problems.

What equipment is available to students?

There’s a list of equipment available to students according to the courses they’re enrolled in.

Quite a few new digital cameras have been purchased recently. Other available equipment includes tripods, ARRI and LED light kits, microphones, and a dolly and track for camera movement.

How does the checking out process work?

Students come to the office in 3200 MEH and request the equipment they would like to borrow 24 hours in advance. If it’s your first time checking out a particular piece of equipment, you’ll have to take a simple camera and/or system test to make sure you know what you’re working with.

You’ll also sign a form stating that if any equipment is lost or broken, you will be held responsible.

Equipment is checked out for 24 hours at a time, with the exception of weekends, in which students are encouraged to work together with their classmates to ensure that everyone can get what they need.

Can I check out a camera if I’m not in a production class?

No, but you can always get a camera from Langsam Library.

Are there times when all of the cameras are checked out?

Yes, when a professor gives an assignment there’s always a rush of students trying to complete it the last couple of days before it’s due. Don’t procrastinate!

What other services are available to students through the Production Office?

Students go to the production office to schedule time in editing bays. Hours for editing are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Students are always welcome to come to the office with production questions or to unlock facilities.

Written by Tori Roloson, updated September 2018