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Graduate Me: How to Pick Your Classes

HEY FRESHMAN! It’s a big leap from High School to college. One thing that is significantly different is how class scheduling is conducted.  Most of the time in high school students are given the classes they can take for that particular year and choose accordingly. However, this isn’t High School. Welcome to college, kid!


You'll wreck

You’ll Wreck without the Pre-reqs!

College is all about those prerequisites, classes you need to take before you can get into other particular classes. With a wide variety of available classes offered, student tend to veer off the path by choosing classes that seem fun, or classes that have their friends in them.

Though some students may hear the word audit, they’re never sure what it is. It’s an online list of the requirements you need to take within each category, like math or English.

Staff Input

What Does The Faculty Say?

Hagit Limor is one of the professors in the Electronic Media Production department. When it comes to scheduling classes, she suggests:

·       Take 15 credit hours every semester to finish on time

·       If you can, do face-to-face classes instead of online classes

·       Talk with your advisor at least one time per semester


College is fun

I’ve Got to Wake up How Early!?    

One last bit of advise to give is this, make sure that on the day of registration you know exactly which classes you want to take, including the call numbers for each.

Sometimes your registration will open at 6:30 in the morning! Classes only have a certain number of seats available and if you wake up at 7:00 am, you might not get in!

College is fun! So don’t make it harder than it needs to be. By following these steps and bits of advice, you’ll be graduating before you know it! For more information click here on the Electronic Media Production link.


Written by Patience Stockwell