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On location in Alaska

E-Media Students on Location in Alaska

Hands on Learning: A Must for a Media Future

Many students regard their internships as the most exciting part of their E-Media education.  Most media employers see an internship as an essential part of a job applicant's experience..

The Electronic Media semester curriculum includes six credits of internship which should be taken during the senior year.   In addition to radio and television stations,  production companies, marketing firms, students intern in a variety of media-related fields in the Cincinnati area and across the country.

Students are eligible for internships when you have completed your junior year or permission of the division head. In the quarter system Interns earn three internship credits by working 10 hours a week over a 10-week period. In semesters, students will work 10 hours a week over a 14 week period for three credits.

Division head Dr. John Owens supervises the internship program. Students should discuss their internship plans with their advisor and/or Professor Owens before finalizing internship plans.

The next step is to have their internship supervisor sign the internship application; then bring it to Professor Owens for his signature, then register for the internship. This should all be completed before the first week of the quarter or semester you’re doing the internship.

You are urged to choose your internships carefully and find one that will pay dividends in the future. Many students have formed connections while interning that have led to that all-important first job.

And you should know that prospective employers watch interns carefully; they like interns who have the right skills, but they are just as impressed by someone who is dependable, eager to help, flexible, and always willing to go the extra mile.

The Division posts internship possibilities on our facebook page found at E-Media at UC; but the options listed there are by no means the only internship opportunities available.  It is your responsibility to make the most of your internship experience!