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Three Ways to “Stand Out” In E-Media


WordPlay is an up-and-coming non-profit in Cincinnati’s Northside

Let’s be honest: The University of Cincinnati is full of talented, creative students in the Electronic Media department. Graduates are leaving the Queen City after four plus years of hard work to pursue jobs in the industry that some would only dream they could achieve.

But with more students choosing E-Media as their path, and with the E-Media department the largest in CCM, the competition for jobs can be intense. Just a bachelor’s degree and a decent portfolio will no longer suffice. According to, 32% of graduates across all fields of study did not find full-time employment with simply a degree. Source:

So, now what? It’s clear that students may have to put in a little more work to help them stand out from the crowd of applicants who all want that Production Assistant job for MTV. Below are three ways students can supplement their E-Media degrees to help them reach their full potential, build their resume and help to reach their dream job.

1.     Offer to make a video for a Cincinnati non-profit

Cincinnati is home to a plethora of non-profits organizations that receive their funding through grants and donations. With this being said, these organizations will rarely budget a cool video into their salary. Non-profits are always looking for a fresh, new additive to their website and an innovative video produced by a local college student could be just what they’re looking for. Not to mention, this opportunity could lead to future paid gigs.

“When I see students taking the extra step to prove their dedication to their work, it only makes me want to help them more,” said Katie Sylvester, Peace Corps recruiter at UC. “The extra work will never go unnoticed.”

Follow this link for a list of non-profits in the area:  You can also check the E-Media website for opportunities here:


Minneapolis was home to this year's National Student Electronic Media Convention in October

2.     Attend a conference

Not only will the seemingly endless networking be beneficial for future job searches, conferences are a great atmosphere to learn more about an area of interest to further professional and creative skills.

“Being active in your industry can bring with it many benefits. There is power in being connected to other people who are active in your line of work,” said Thom Singer, professional public speaker.

Singer speaks regularly at conferences across all industries and understands how impactful engagement can lead to more powerful business connections.

College Broadcasters, Inc. will host next year's National Student Electronic Media Convention in Philadelphia. Find out more here:


3.     Participate in a film festival

The majority of film festivals operate on a “volunteer basis”, meaning the applicants who enter do it because they want to, not because they have to. Employers will see this and be instantly impressed. Not to mention, film festivals are a great way to build skills, form bonds with other E-Media enthusiasts and add yet another video to that ever-growing portfolio.

“The College Movie Festival was very beneficial to me,” said Collin Leonard, E-Media student at Cincinnati State.

“I learned how to work on a team and experiment with my screenwriting, while getting a taste of what the media industry is like.”

CCM as well as Cincinnati hosts a College Movie Festival each year; form a team, write a script and take it away! More information can be found here:



Written by Nicole Hamme