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E-Media Minor

A Minor in Electronic Media = 18 Credit Hours

All applicants must be current UC students. 10-15 minor applicants are accepted each year.

In applying for the minor, you are affirming your understanding that:

  • you will likely have to take a required class, IMP2, during the summer
  • your admission to advanced production classes is likely to be restricted to summer sessions
  • you are required to have a laptop for the E-Media classes

Applicants should submit a complete copy of their most recent Degree Audit and a 500-word essay explaining their educational and career goals and why they wish to minor in E-Media via email to the division head, Professor Kevin Burke ( and copied to Jeni Vanlandingham, Program Coordinator ( Questions should be directed to Ms. Vanlandingham via email or at 513-556-9488. Applications are due Nov. 1.

Core Classes

  • EMED 1001: The Media in Your Life or EMED 1011: The Media in Your Life (non-majors) or DMC 1000: Foundations of Digital Media
  • EMED 1015: Integrated Media Production I (non-majors)
  • EMED 1016: Integrated Media Production II (non-majors)

Two of the Following

  • EMED 2002: Digital Video (non-majors)
  • EMED 2007: Digital Audio Production (non-majors)
  • EMED 2015: Writing for Media or EMED 2016:  Writing for Media (non-majors)
  • EMED 2025: Student Media Practicum

One of the Following

  • EMED 1050: The Evolution of TV Comedy
  • EMED 1075: Going to the Movies: 20th Century Classics
  • EMED 2010: New Media I
  • EMED 2020: Studio Production
  • EMED 2030: Broadcast Writing
  • EMED 3001: Single Camera Production
  • EMED 3002: Post Production
  • EMED 3003: News Writing and Production
  • EMED 3007: Multitrack Music Production
  • EMED 3025: Integrated Media Marketing and Sales
  • EMED 4005: Newscast Production
  • EMED 4030: Media Topics
  • EMED 4040: Studio CCM
  • DMC 2050: Classic Hollywood Film Structure
  • DMC 2133: Music Video Production
  • DMC 3020: Commercial Production
  • DMC 3166: Documentary Production