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E-Media Advisory Panel 2010

E-Media Advisory Panel

Much of what we are able to do for our students is thanks to the support we get from our friends.  Foremost among them are members of the Electronic Media Advisory Panel.

You may not have heard of the Electronic Media Advisory Panel.  As a student, you would be interested to know that this group of media professionals has a big part in our future.  How?

If you’ve ever wondered how our Electronic Media division obtains scholarship funding, or how it builds internship relationships with local companies, the answer is the E-Media Advisory Panel. 

The panel communicates regularly to discuss E-Media's future.  Shown in the photo above in January 2010:  Lynne Veil, Executive Vice President/Partner Empower Media Marketing; Karrie Sudbrack, former Vice President and General Manager, Cumulus Cincinnati Radio; and Bill Fee, former Vice President and General Manager, WCPO-TV meet to brainstorm about future changes to the curriculum.

These are very busy executives who take time out to help us in so many ways," said E-Media's former Division Head, Marjorie Fox.  "But they have self-interest in this as well, because we are educating their future employees." 

The Electronic Media Advisory Panel  was created in 1986 by the E-Media Division head. The panel consists of media professionals that are part of companies like Time Warner Cable, Clear Channel, Empower, and our local Channel 9 News Station.  As things change in the Electronic Media market, so do members of the panel. 

University of Cincinnati’s Electronic Media is one of the few colleges that is so closely tied to major local media companies. 

The partnership between E-Media and the other members of the advisory panel enhances the value of this program for its graduates.  The existence of this advisory panel helps create opportunities for both students and companies alike.  Everybody wins.

Written by Jaramy Carmody