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Master Class

2013 Team at Half Dome in Yosemite with UC Students Alex Arkeilpane, Jeff Miller, Professor Kevin Burke, Jay Nellis, E-Media Alum Brian Leitten, Callie Peters, Benjamin Proctor, Tim Neumann, Hannah Marie Lewis and Emad Rashidi.


During the Fall 2014 Semester, sixteen students from four different academic programs at CCM, DAAP and A&S will travel with CCM Professor Kevin Burke, UC Alumni Brian Leitten and four additional television and film professionals to begin filming the 2014 Gold Rush Mother Lode Expedition Race, which takes place from September 11-15 in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. The students are part of a larger group of students enrolled in the Media Topics: Gold Rush Documentary course in the Electronic Media Division at CCM. The students will be responsible for producing and editing a ninety-minute documentary for national television distribution. The course is sponsored by the University of Cincinnati's UC Forward Initiative, which supports classes that are interdisciplinary collaborations and emphasize experiential learning. The project continues into Spring 2015 Semester, when the group is joined by students from the Graphic Communication Design program at DAAP, who will produce all graphic and motion design elements. This group is supervised by DAAP Associate Professor, Yoshiko Matsuda Burke.

Please watch the "behind the scenes" video about the process of making the 2012 Gold Rush Expedition Race documentary below.

There are multiple video clips about the 2012 and 2013 Gold Rush documentaries at its YouTube site:

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