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E-Media Excellence Awards

Award Winners
E-Media Excellence Awards

The Award Winners With Their Professors


          Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Excellence Awards

         CCM Summer Program Internship-Patrick Kevin        

         Clubessential Internship-Laura Loneran

         Drive Media House Internship-Reuben Moreland              

         E-Media Alumni Scholarship-Grace Hill                  

         LPGA Internship-Brian Webner     

         National Picture Show Internship-Josh Hamester           

         Possible Internship-Joanna Branch                      

         Schiff Scholarship-Evan Dulaney

         Strader Outstanding Senior Scholarship-Alyssa Ahrens  

         Strader Radio/Audio Scholarship-William Wolkoff          

         WLWT Internship-Faith Tucker


         The eleven students and their parents were honored at a banquet held 

          on April 20, 2015 at Mick and Macks Cafe on UC's campus. E-Media    

          alumni Randa Minkarah addressed the audience and challenged the

          students to make an impact on the world.  Ms. Minkarah has had many

          professional roles since her graduation in 1982 and is currently partner at

          a firm in Seattle, Washington.


          E-Media appreciates the sponsorship of these awards,  

          without whom these awards would not be possible.


          A special thank you to WLWT-TV for also sponsoring the banquet in part.