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E-Media Students Study Abroad

Student Study Abroad

Callie Peters, Michael Ragan, Sami Nowlin

Update 3/19/18:  The Munich Summer Curriculum (MSC) will again be offered summer 2018.  Please contact Dr. Manfred Wolfram at for more information.

A major opportunity within the Electronic Media program and across UC is the chance to study abroad. Many students each year leave their home schools and travel all over the world to get a once in a lifetime experience.

Sami Nowlin, a sophomore in the E-Media Division, has decided to travel abroad to Ireland this upcoming Spring Semester. She will be continuing her studies at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, which is about 25 minutes outside of Dublin. She will be taking various classes from Electronic Music Composition to Women in the Celtic World.

“I have always wanted to go to Ireland and I figured being able to go to school and live there for five months would be the best way to really get to know the culture there,” said Sami.

She is excited for this upcoming adventure and knows that it will be an experience to remember.

“I think it will benefit my future and career because I am going to live in another country for about half a year. I think that kind of experience can make you more open to new things and ideas,” added Sami.

E-Media junior, Callie Peters, is also looking forward to her study abroad travels. She has decided to study at the University of Westminster in London, England. She will be taking a total of four classes: Promotional shorts (a class that provides the opportunity for specialist shooting, graphics, and editing where she will make several short visual items aimed at creating interest in a product), Advertising and Promotional Culture, Brand and Branding, and Value Creation.

“I have always wanted to travel, and I believe that studying abroad would provide me with an opportunity to not only further my education in a unique way, but I also love learning about different cultures,” said Callie.

She is looking forward to beginning her studies in England in January.

“I definitely think that studying abroad will benefit my future and career. Especially in the realm of media, with the world becoming ever more connected through the Internet and other technologies, I think it will be advantageous to have a first hand knowledge of different cultures as it is very likely that I will be interacting with people from around the world in my career. Additionally, I believe that my experience abroad will help make me more marketable, as I will have a unique experience in addition to a broader and more open perspective of the world,” Callie said.

A senior in E-Media, Michael Ragan, has already gotten the chance to study abroad. Michael had travelled to Munich, Germany, with the past Munich Summer Curriculum through E-Media. While over seas, Michael also had the chance to take part in an internship at Lucy-Turpin Communications.

“The most exciting part about studying abroad is being able to immerse yourself in a new culture while furthering your education,” said Michael.

He explained how studying abroad was a fantastic experience and you don’t only learn about the culture, but also about yourself.



Written by Nikita Lewis