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Jerry Springer Speaks In E-Media Ethics Class


Approximately 150 members of the UC community came out to see Jerry Springer's fourth appearance in E-Media's Ethics Class on Wednesday, October 28.

Jerry quickly turned his attention to the topic of journalism and what being a news reporter meant when he was growing up, using legendary anchorman Walter Cronkite as an example.

Springer's discussion lasted longer over an hour, and bounced around the spectrum.  He discussed his own career, the world of politics, and the show that eventually made him a household name, "The Jerry Springer Show".

The majority of the afternoon's discussion did not focus on his talk show.  He spent a considerable amount of time on politics, and how he believes that "in the end, liberals always win."

He then supported his statement with a lesson on the history of social security, labor right, and civil rights.  In all cases, Springer claimed, conservatives fought against the advancement of topics that eventually became a basic tenet of American society.

The first time Jerry visited E-Media was in early February, 2011.  He toured the Walter E. Bartlett Television Studio and also visited some of the other E-Media facilities.  He remarked that Bartlett had given him his first job at Channel 5.  He was drawn into E-Media by the Walter E. Bartlett name on the building.  He also spoke in E-Media's Ethics Class in 2013 and 2014.

Jerry Springer had a political career in the 1970's and was a popular news anchor for WLWT throughout the 1980's and into the 1990's. He then took his act to Chicago, where his notorious talk show has brought him fame and fortune. 

Jerry has always been generous about sharing his time and experiences with UC students and others in the community.  He said he was astounded about the dramatic changes on the UC campus.

Article by Jeff Seemann, E-Media Major, updated October ,2015