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Professor Hagit Limor Creates Moniek's Legacy

Inspired by her own father's experience, UC E-Media Professor Hagit Limor set out to create Moniek's Legacy, capturing the journey of a Holocaust survivor with lessons to inspire action against hatred and bigotry.  Moniek's Legacy will create an immersive virtual reality experience, bringing viewers inside the survival story of Limor's father through chapters such as Invasion, The Ghetto, Cattle Car Death Train, The Concentration Camp and Liberation.  Each chapter will create a platform for civil discussion, challenging participants to consider their actions when confronted with acts of hatred and bigotry.  "I want to create a mechanism for relating these lessions to outlive not only my father, but his daughter as well", says Limor. 

Sponsored by the Cincinnati Museum's Holocaust and Humanity Center, Moniek's Legacy will serve as as online resource for educators to inspire engaging, civil discussions in classrooms and community groups. 

To read more about Hagit's project, click here.

Limor's original 30 minute special broadcast aired on WCPO-TV at 7:30PM on Monday, June 17, 2019. You can watch it here.

Hagit and Father

Professor Hagit Limor and her father