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Spotlight on E-Media Professors

By Erin Walsh
E-Media Major

When students consider what college and program are the best fit for them, they weigh a number of factors. But how often do they investigate the professors who will teach them?  

The Electronic Media Division at the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music has seven full-time professors who, along with adjunct instructors and staff members, all have years of past experience in the media field. But what is really interesting is the work these professors are currently doing outside the classroom. It is this ongoing practice that makes studying as an electronic media student a unique learning experience.

Hagit Limor

Hagit Limor

Professor Hagit Limor teaches media writing and news production. As a current investigative reporter at Fox 19 in Cincinnati, she is constantly churning out hard-hitting news stories.  In the past year Professor Limor’s stories have ranged from covering a secretive government agency monitoring terrorist targets in the region to the push to legalize marijuana in Ohio.

Professor Limor has worked in five newsrooms in four cities and is always growing as a media professional. She says, “I feel like I’m learning new skills continuously, which helps me continue to grow as a professional and helps me to teach my students what to expect today when they graduate.” Because nothing stays the same in the media world, this constant updating of course curriculum is important to students. The professors at CCM want their students to always be aware of the newest technology, from camera equipment to editing software and even social media.

Students in Professor Limor’s classes have the opportunity to tour Fox 19 studios and practice anchoring in front of a camera on set. This connection with a local news station allows students to get hands-on experience as well as first word out on internships and jobs. Networking is important to college students, and Professor Limor does a great job of facilitating her students in doing so.


Lakshmi Tirumala

Professor Lakshmi Tirumala teaches digital video and single camera production, and he is continually developing his skills outside of the classroom. He believes there is always much more to learn in the media field and that it is an evolving process. Professor Tirumala says he has always been passionate about electronic media, specifically filmmaking. It is this passion that allows him to integrate his work experience with his teaching material for class.

Recently, Professor Tirumala has been working on a short documentary to raise funds for a non-profit safe house for underprivileged children. He is getting ready to work with students on two short fictional films, and he previously worked with students on a three-part web series called Good Mourning.

The work E-Media professors are doing outside the classroom helps shape teaching in class, and Professor Tirumala is no exception to this. He says, “I believe that the experience I gain from work outside has been helping me bring firsthand knowledge and skills to my classroom.” In his digital video class, Professor Tirumala is able to offer feedback on student projects based on his experience. The E-Media professors are a crucial resource to students because they know the latest media techniques.


Peter DePietro

The Electronic Media Division’s specialist in New Media, Professor Peter DePietro, has years of ongoing experience in the media field. This experience makes Professor DePietro an essential part of the new media curriculum at CCM. He says, “Because New Media is an evolutionary discipline, I am always learning new concepts and skills, which I incorporate into my teaching.”

Professor DePietro served former President Bill Clinton as the founding Director of Digital and New Media of the Clinton Foundation (New York City) and is currently a principal of a new media and technology incubator called Digital Innovation Lab (Dot Net). As he has become more involved in new media and web design he says he continues “to strike a balance between producing scholarly research and creative projects.” This is important to students at CCM when it comes to balancing their schoolwork and projects, and Professor DePietro helps instill this balance in his students.

Currently, Professor DePietro is working on an interactive biography of a famous, historical figure and a series of animation pieces that bring iconic characters from theatre and literature to life for display on the Web and mobile devices. He already has one published book on new media, which you can learn more about on his website, and is now working on his next.

E-Media Professors’ Impact on Students

All three of these professors bring something new to the Electronic Media Division every day. Because they are actively involved in different forms of media outside of CCM, they are able to better the experience of their students.

The professional experience of the teaching staff at CCM is important to prospective students, current students, and parents. It has a positive impact on the learning experience of E-Media students, and allows them to push themselves to see media in a new light and be creative. The unique curriculum of the E-Media program is always changing and developing, which wouldn’t be possible without the insights of the professors.