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Words of the Wise: Tips for Incoming Students


Attention freshmen and prospective students, graduation is around the corner! Though it may not seem near now, before you know it you will be walking across the stage towards the rest of your life.



The electronic media field is rapidly expanding with constant advances in technology in the modern digital world we live in. Though the field is growing, however, choosing E-Media as a major takes a proactive mindset to make sure you’re getting the most out of the program.

As the years pass by, too many students begin to reflect and often regret missing out on opportunities that passed them by along with the years. Fortunately, you have a chance to make your walk across the stage more strut-free from regrets.

They say wisdom comes with age; here are some tips from E-Media students who were once in your shoes.

1.     7 Letters to Success

Be prepared to hear these 7-letters for the rest of your life—NETWORK! Networking never stops and it is key to success in a field like E-Media.

Fifth-year student Meg Kecskes says, “[In college] you are studying among many people, specifically the professors who have a lot to offer you, for example, connections to a future job. You also are among students that have the same goals as you and you can make friends that you may work with post-college. Take advantage of this.”  She could not be more correct. According to Forbes Magazine, “Networking is still the best way to find a job.” It is never too early to start networking.  (

2.   Jack of All Trades

You may think you know where you’ll be in 10 years, but you have no idea. The best and worst aspect of E-media is that it is an extremely broad major. You learn multiple trades in the media field from videography, to audio, to videogame design, to new media. This might make it hard to choose one career path, but it is important to be open to exploring different aspects of electronic media in this world of growing technology. Take advantage of the diverse range of classes offered through the E-Media program. You will be surprised by the skillset you will develop in areas you have never explored previously.

3.   Goooooooals!

A little preparation goes a long way. E-media student Anjanisse Collins says, “Set short term and semester and year-long goals. Write them down to hold yourself accountable.” You never know how much you are capable on achieving if you set goals and stick to them! By starting each semester with both short and long-term goals written out, you are sure to have the upper hand in the long run.

4.   The Earlier, The Better

In a field like E-media, getting swamped with projects is an understatement. Third-year student Billy Menke says, “Definitely start on projects as early as possible. They build up way too quickly to waste time, and I still struggle with not procrastinating.”  It is fair to say that the greater population of college students suffers from the common and contagious procrastination virus. Many e-media courses are project- based and you can easily become overwhelmed if you let them pile up. Work ahead and you’ll be ahead.

5. Hands On Deck

In the next few years you will be amazed by the work you will create with your own two hands. Fourth-year student Patience Stockwell says, “Hands on is the best learning.” One of the best dynamics of the E-media program is the practical learning experience. All E-media majors are required to work at least one internship before graduating, which offers great experiential learning.  Shoot for the stars when seeking an internship. From interning right here in Cincinnati, to major cities all over the country and world, the sky is the limit for E-media students!


Keep to these 5 tips to make the road to graduation a smooth ride.


Written by Student Stella Udeozor