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Partners: E-Media at CCM and Raymond Walters

Students in E-Media's Multimedia Lab

Update Feb. 2012: A new articulation agreement between E-Media and UC Blue Ash (formerly Raymond Walters College) has been developed and will be posted soon.

A transfer articulation agreement between CCM and Raymond Walters College is creating new opportunities for students interested in electronic media.

Effective this year, it will be easier for students earning an associate’s degree in E-Media Technology at the Raymond Walters branch campus to apply their credits toward a BFA in E-Media at the Uptown campus.

If the associate degree holders are admitted into CCM, they will enter the E-Media Division as juniors.

Raymond Walters graduate Ryan Kreps is hoping to transfer into CCM.

“At Raymond Walters, I was able to get hands on experience right away. Now I’ll be able to get a bachelor’s degree. I think the new agreement is going to be a crucial part of the Electronic Media Technology program,” he said.

The articulation agreement was forged by the faculties of both departments. It creates equivalencies between courses at both schools.

For example, students who complete both the “Digital Graphics” and “Media Design Applications” courses at Raymond Walters will not have to take “Digital Core I” and “Digital Core II” at the Uptown campus. Other examples of equivalent courses are in the link below.

E-Media division head Manfred Wolfram said “We are looking forward to accepting the best students RWC E-Media Communications produces.”

What does this mean for E-Media students currently attending classes at the Uptown campus?

If an E-Media class you are interested in is full or if the Blue Ash campus is more convenient, you can the equivalent course at Raymond Walters.

This agreement is part of a new initiative among all Ohio colleges to further integrate the university system, making it easier for students to navigate their way toward graduation.

E-Media professors Kevin Burke and Peter DePietro assisted Dr. Wolfram in developing the agreement. Department chair H. Michael Sanders and professors Dave Hubble and Eric Anderson were on the team from Raymond Walters.

Written by Kole Ross, October 2009