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E-Media Degree Requirements


Most majors, including Electronic Media, require 120 credit hours (generally 40 courses) to get the bachelor’s degree.

The E-Media curriculum breaks down as follows:

  • 51 credits in E-Media, requirements and electives (17 courses)
  • 24 credits (average) in minor (8 courses)
  • 45 credits in liberal and fine arts (15 courses)

Eleven of the E-Media courses are requirements (core) and six courses are electives. Entering E-Media students will take three required courses during their freshman year:

  • Media in Your Life
  • Integrated Media Production 1
  • Integrated Media Production 2

Students should select their minor by the end of their sophomore year. The minor requirements are set by the various programs. Most require between 18 and 24 credit hours.

The E-Media program allows students to choose their liberal and fine arts classes from a wide array of offerings. UC's General Education requirements are met by the course options offered to students in the E-Media program.

All freshmen are placed in an E-Media Learning Community. This allows students to get their required classes in an orderly manner. Because students share a similar schedule with their E-Media classmates, they get to know each other and to work together in an interconnected learning experience.

Students who entered UC prior to the semester conversion will follow an Individualized Advising Plan  (IAP) which will assure that they are appropriately credited for the courses they took in the quarter system.

Other Opportunities

An Articulation Agreement between E-Media and Raymond Walters College has opened up new opportunities for students in both programs. Read the Articulation Agreement.

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