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Integrated Media Production 1 and 2

EMED 1015 and 1016

Integrated Media Production is being offered to both Electronic Media majors/minors as well as non E-Media majors.  Students who enjoy a challenge in digital media as well as having fun will enjoy this class the most.

In the sequence of classes for IMP, students will focus on a little bit of everything from audio to video to image production to web design.

Experience you will gain from IMP 1 and 2:

  • Digital audio and video productions
  • Image projects
  • Web production
  • Creating digital media content for audio, video, image and web

Students will also learn awareness about what the production process is.  In general, students will learn the process to create digital media content in the classes for Integrated Media Production.

It is a necessity to have a laptop that can handle all of the software covered in the classes, such as the Adobe CS Suite, Final Cut Pro and Reaper for this class.

Students can hope to gain insight on Adobe products, as well as video and audio production, which can lead to a job in the media industry.