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Media In Your Life


Randa Minkarah, E-Media Alumna '82, Media Marketing Expert and Guest Speaker


The first class incoming students will have to take for Electronic Media is Media in Your Life.  Dr. Owens, who is now the division head for E-Media, is the professor of the class.

Media In Your Life has recently taken over History of E-Media when the University switched to the semester curriculum.  The classes have the same core idea, which is intended to be an overview of the mass media.

Dr. Owens said, "It is a time to reflect on the importance of media in the society.  The intent is to engage young students with media the way they haven't been before."

    Some areas of the class include:

  • Better understanding of the media production process
  • Latest digital production tools
  • Potential media careers and what you can do with the Electronic Media major
  • Guest speakers

Dr. Owens thinks this class will open students' eyes to the different career options in the media industry.  Finally, Dr. Owens hopes that students understand media from a historical perspective while also looking to the future after taking this class.


Written by Stephen Whittenburg