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Jobs You Can Get With an E-Media Degree

The Hunt Is Over:

Many people don't think there are many jobs in E-Media.  Many people are not 100 percent sure what E-Media is.  Fixing tv's?  An IT guy?  Well, E-Media is short for electronic media, which is a broad major with, despite people's skepticism, a lot of opportunities.

When I first told my mom that I was going to major in E-Media my mom was extremely skeptical. She feared that there were not a lot of jobs in this major and I would have a difficult time getting off of my feet when I graduate.  I’m sure many other parents had these same concerns about their child’s future. Well, today I am here to lay those fears to rest by telling you some of the various jobs that you can get, and people have gotten from a University of Cincinnati E-Media degree.


Opportunities in Filmmaking

A person majoring in E-Media can get a lot jobs in film. These jobs are all behind the scenes. Some of those are film producer, screen writer, sound and filming. It is true that you do not need a degree to do this but the E-Media program provides you with important skills that can help you.  You learn these skills in classes like Writing for Media, Sound for Picture and Advance Video Production.

Alumni from UC’s E-Media program include Jennifer Honn who has had the chance to work with Steven Spielberg and has received high accolades.


Opportunities in Television News

Many of E-Media’s alumni have gone into the news industry. Some of these jobs are behind the scenes. Others are in front of the camera.  Some of the classes that will prepare you for a career in news are Writing For Media, Advanced News Production and News Writing and Production.  For news you not only have classes to help you learn these skills but dedicated organizations like the National Broadcasting Society and Bearcast Media that covers all aspects of Electronic media.  Some Alumni that have got into this field are Sydney Benter, who started as an anchor, James Bedingfield, who started as an assistant traffic reporter, Kelly Taylor who serves as a digital producer for Fox 19.  Journalism would be a wise minor for this career track.



Opportunities in the Music Industry

You could have a career in the ever-changing music industry. This is an industry that scares people, parents and students alike, but with an education in E-Media there is no need to be afraid of success.  Classes that could help you with this career include Media Law, Multitrack Music, Production, Advanced Music Production, Integrated Media Marketing and Sales and Music Synthesis.

Some of the jobs that you can get in this industry are as an artist, engineer, record producer and executive producer to name a few.  A notable alumnus that is in the industry is Larry Hamby, who has gotten a chance to work with people like Yo Yo Ma, Etta James and the legend himself Michael Jackson.

Now that you have seen some of the careers that you can get with an E-Media degree and some of the people that who have been able to do this, hopefully you have less doubts about an E-Media degree.  

Written by Jerome McCray