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Dale Warland Singers Concert Archive

In 2004, the Dale Warland Singers (DWS) chose UC's College-Conservatory of Music as the final home for its score library and archives. The Dale Warland Singers Archive is amongst the largest collection of contemporary choral works in the country.

The DWS collection includes its score library (multiple copies of more than 1100 choral works and arrangements); first edition copies of all 270 works commissioned by the Dale Warland Singers; valuable papers including all organizational and artistic records; and a media library which includes more than 300 audio and video recordings of the ensemble’s performances.

Each document in the Dale Warland Singers Concert Program Archive has been scanned using optical character recognition (OCR) software. Access is available with full text searching within and across all documents and by browsing by title and issue date.

The Dale Warland Singers

The archival and other materials of the Dale Warland Singers were given to the University of Cincinnati Libraries and the UC College-Conservatory of Music. The materials were divided into four separate collections. The collection names and contact information for accessing the materials not found in the Urban Studies Archive is provided below.

  • Dale Warland Singers Score Library
  • Dale Warland Singers Audio Archive
    Contact Paul Cauthen, Assistant Music Librarian,
    Albino Gorno Memorial (CCM) Library,

To view the holdings in CCM and CCM Library, use UCLID and in keyword search, type "Dale Warland Collection" and choose "Dale Warland Singers Score Library."

The concert programs from the Dale Warland Singers collection have been digitized and are available on the OhioLINK Digital Resource Commons.