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CCM Choral Studies, University of Cincinnati
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UC Men's and Women's Choruses

Hello and welcome to the home of the University of Cincinnati Men’s and Women’s Choruses! Since the University’s founding, men and women with diverse musical backgrounds from every UC college have gathered at CCM. Together we forge a meaningful and enriching musical experience. Our choir members make lasting friends and perform choral music to the highest degree of excellence.

The UC Men's and Women's Choruses are led by a student run board and are directed by the talented and dedicated DMA students of choral conducting at CCM. We perform and rehearse quarterly in the amazing facilities and concert halls of the CCM Village.

In addition, the Choruses take a yearly tour in the spring to a different city across the country, and have the dynamic and powerful experience of spreading joy through musical performances. On each tour we get to explore what each unique city has to offer and build lasting friendships through numerous social experiences.

If you have a love of singing and performing or are eager to break into the world of music and singing with a new and fun experience, then we encourage you to look further into the UC Choruses.

The Choruses is a non-auditioned group, which requires no previous musical experience from its members while encouraging those with choral experience to celebrate and share their talents and leadership with all. 

For further information contact us at our email listed below.


The UC Choruses Board and Directors


UC Men's Chorus: ENSM 1081-01
Class Number 49754

UC Women's Chorus: ENSM 1085-01
Class Number 49765


MWF 4 - 5:30 p.m.

Dieterle Vocal Arts Center 100 (Men)

Mary Emery Hall 3225 (Women)


Choruses can be taken for either one (1) or zero (0) credits to accommodate for the many students with full schedules.

Nothing is required other than a positive attitude and a commitment to making excellent music.