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About the CMP Degree

Although this degree includes music production, editing, business and studio technical training, it is important to note that this is music degree, not a music technology, music industry, audio or recording degree. Successful CMP applicants are expected to have significant musical training and study.

What Else Do You Need?

At least two examples of your original compositions, tunes, etc. Any style will be accepted: classical, jazz, rock/pop, gospel, R&B, contemporary, computer generated, etc. Please email Kim Pensyl if you have any questions.

We need to see the actual scores or lead sheets showing clearly notated rhythm, pitches and chords (as applicable); the more detail the better. We will also need to review recordings of these pieces - either live, studio, or computer generated midi performances - but you need to get us mp3 versions. You will need to upload these along with your application. See additional details below.

Please Note: If you are working in a computer-generated music platform such as Ableton, Pro Tools, etc. -- simply printing a totally computer-produced print out for submission is not generally acceptable. The scores should be readable by actual performers. Your score should demonstrate your ability to notate the music you have composed.