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CCM, Composition, Musicology and Theory
Professor Helmuth at her computer

Center for Computer Music

The College-Conservatory of Music Center for Computer Music, (ccm)2, contains the electronic and computer music studios, a center of activity in composition, performance and research. The technical and aesthetical aspects of computer music composition can be studied in courses at (ccm)2, along with music programming, analysis and performing technologies. Students explore interactive configurations with signal processing techniques and sensors in an excellent listening environment. With a long tradition of performance excellence and state of the art facilities at CCM, its electronic music studios are a unique place where sonic innovations and research meet electroacoustic music composition and performance.

Innovative research activity in granular synthesis, visual/aural connections, live performance interfaces and high bandwidth Internet 2 sound exchange have been highlights of studio activities. In addition, collaborative work has been done with artists at DAAP, students from Computer Science and other departments in multimedia and interdisciplinary studies.

Physically, (ccm)2 is part of a complex of theaters, classrooms and studios. In 1996, the electronic music studio moved to the South Annex of Memorial Hall, which holds performance faculty studios and practice rooms. CCM has venues that are particularly conducive for the realization of interactive and electroacoustic music. The Sonic Explorations electronic music series presents several concerts each year of faculty and student works.

The CCM Visiting Composers Series has welcomed distinguished computer music composers, researchers and performers such as Curtis Bahn, Benjamin Boretz, Shiau-uen Ding, Charles Dodge, Josef Fung, Brad Garton, Tomie Hahn, Paul Koonce, Esther Lamneck, Paul Lansky, Andrew May, Miller Puckette, Elainie Lillios, Pauline Oliveros, Judith Shatin, Diane Thome and Dan Trueman, to name a few.