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CCM, Composition, Musicology and TheoryCollege-Conservatory of MusicComposition, Musicology & TheoryUniversity of Cincinnati

CCM, Composition, Musicology and Theory
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Here you will find information on the current classes taught at (ccm)2. Some courses are offered continuously every year while others once every two years.

Introduction to Electronic Music

Offered every fall. COMP 5171, 6071 - 3 graduate or undergraduate credit hours.

Overview of electronic music. A look at the historic events, people and technologies that have shaped the current state of electronic music. Introduction to acoustics, MIDI sequencing with digital audio, sound editing, mixing and basic signal processing techniques. Students create individual assignments and projects.

Electronic Music Techniques

Offered every spring. COMP 5172, 6072 - 3 graduate or undergraduate credit hours. Digital signal processing techniques. Introduction to algorithmic and interactive music composition with MaxMSP and other applications. Discussion and investigation of electroacoustic music works. Sonic Explorations concerts present works created in the course.

Computer Music Composition

Offered every other year; Helmuth. COMP 5175, 6075 - 3 graduate or undergraduate credit hours.

Computer music composition on current computer music platforms with recorded acoustic sound and synthesis techniques. Digital signal processing and micro to macro-level algorithms. Introduction to music programming and interfaces. Aesthetics and performance contexts of tape and live electronic music. Includes mixing techniques, music programming environments, algorithmic composition, and listening strategies for new music. Sonic Explorations Concerts present works created in the course at least twice a year.

Interactive Music

Offered every other year; Helmuth. COMP 5176, 6076. 3 graduate or undergraduate credits.

Explorations of interactive music composition with digital signal processing techniques make up this course. Building performance software interfaces for performance, use of hardware controllers, incorporating acoustic vocal and instrumental sound with electronic music, performance contexts and installations will be discussed. Sessions will contain demonstrations, listening, improvisation and discussion. Sonic Explorations Concerts present works created in the course.

Timbre Studies

Offered every other year; Helmuth. COMP 5184,6084 - 3 graduate or undergraduate credit hours.

Study of music, electroacoustic and acoustic, in which timbre is a primary parameter. Theories of timbre discussed in relation to writings and music by recent composers. The final course project may be a composition or analysis.

Live Electronic Music

Offered occasionally; Helmuth. COMP 5181,6081 - 2 graduate or undergraduate credit hours.

This course explores performance and composition with live electronic music. Experimenting with new expanded instrumental possibilities, the collaborative process between composer and performer, and laptop performance.

Computer Music Projects

Offered occasionally; Helmuth. COMP 5177,6177 - 2-6 graduate or undergraduate credit hours.

Creating software instruments and algorithms in current computer music platforms. Applications for real time performance and for composition will be discussed. Student projects such as compositional and improvisational interfaces may combine graphics and music or incorporate sensors, controllers or other hardware.

Music Programming Projects

Offered occasionally; Helmuth. COMP 5182,6082 - 3-6 graduate or undergraduate credit hours.

Advanced work in computer music programming on current platforms. Music programming will be explored to create new instruments, interactive systems or analysis or composition tools. Object-oriented programming. Assignments will cover basic programming concepts and object- oriented programming topics, interface design and audio programming. Software applications for audio, internet performance and wireless devices will be discussed. A final research music programming project will be designed and implemented by the student.

Laptop Performance

Offered occasionally; Lukaszuk. COMP 5183,6083 - 2 graduate or undergraduate credit hours.

Study of of laptop orchestra performance through performance and listening. Participation in the Cincinnati Composers Laptop Orchestra Project. Includes several performances inside and outside CCM. 

Sound, Music and Science

Offered occasionally; Helmuth. COMP 5071 - 3 undergraduate credit hours.

Interdisciplinary projects involving sound, the sciences and technology are the focus of this course. This seminar will explore sonification, musical installations involving scientific data, musical uses of animal sounds, soundscapes. A research project in collaboration with a student in a different area will be the final project.