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Visiting Composer Series

Under the auspices of the Visiting Composers Series, composers, established as well as emerging, visit CCM to lecture, meet informally with students, comment on their work and meet the public. These visits coincide with performances of the composers work by CCM resident soloists and ensembles and/or the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Vocal Arts Ensemble and others. Composers discuss in dialogue with students, faculty and the public such topics as the position of the composer in contemporary society, the future of new music, the relationship between music and culture, the challenge of reaching audiences, or whatever else is on their minds. Past guests have included such distinguished composers as John Adams, Samuel Adler, William Bolcom, Elliott Carter, George Crumb, Philip Glass, Jennifer Higdon, Karel Husa, Aaron Jay Kernis, Krzysztof Penderecki, Bernard Rands, Frederick Rzewski, Joseph Schwantner, Sir Michael Tippett and many others. In addition, the Visiting Composers series also invites prominent performers of new music to give concerts and/or conduct reading sessions of student’s work, often in conjunction with composers with whom they have collaborated.

Current and recent guests are listed below, by academic year. View a list of selected guests who have participated in the Visiting Composers Series since its inception.


  • Yinam Leef
  • Michael Schelle
  • Juan Trigos
  • Ralph Jackson (Assistant Vice President – BMI Classical)
  • Shiau-uen Ding (visiting pianist, CCM alum)
  • Duo Gelland (visiting violin duo)
  • Dieter Hennings (visiting guitarist)
  • Scott Wyatt


  • Ivica Bukvic (CCM alum)
  • Luca Cori
  • Michael Daugherty
  • Andrew May
  • Esther Lamneck (visiting clarinetist)
  • Elizabeth McNutt (visiting flautist)


  • Michael Barnhart (CCM alum)
  • Thomas Cipullo
  • Brad Garton
  • Jennifer Merkowitz (CCM alum)
  • Frederic Rzewski
  • Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon (former CCM faculty)
  • Margaret Schedel (CCM alum)


  • Randall Woolf
  • Annea Lockwood
  • Duo 46
  • James Romig (composer), Ashlee Mack (pianist)
  • Jeffrey Mumford
  • Syd Hodkinson
  • Samuel Adler


  • Daniel Catán
  • John Gibson
  • Brad Garton
  • Terry Pender
  • Gregory Taylor
  • John Adams (in conjunction with Cincinnati Symphony)
  • David Gompper (composer/pianist), Wolfgang David (violinist)
  • Piotr Szewcyk/Violin Futura (composer/violinist/CCM alum)
  • Thomas Larcher (composer/pianist)
  • Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon (former CCM faculty)
  • Evan Ziporyn (composer/clarinetist, in conjunction with Bang on a Can/MusicNow festival)


  • Robert Beaser
  • Stephen Scott and The Bowed Piano Ensemble
  • Bruce Broughton
  • Richard Toensing
  • Judith Shatin
  • Ofer Ben-Amots
  • Karel Husa



  • Samuel Adler
  • William Scott Deal
  • Stephen Jones (CCM alum)
  • Jennifer Bernard (CCM alum)
  • Nuno Corte-Real
  • Josef Fung
  • Dan Becker (composer), Kathleen Supove (pianist)


  • Eric Whitacre
  • Donald McCullough
  • Melissa Hui
  • Jennifer Higdon
  • Belinda Reynolds
  • Seth Josel (electric guitar)
  • Burton Beerman
  • Douglas Geers
  • Zack Browning
  • Eleonore Pameijer and Marcel Worms (flute and piano)
  • Moiya Callahan (CCM alum)
  • Elaine Lillios
  • Dan Trueman (CCM alum)
  • Dominic Argento (mainstage opera production of ‘The Voyage’)

Partial List of Visiting Composers 1983-2002

  • John Adams
  • John Luther Adams
  • Samuel Adler
  • Daniel Asia
  • Jack Body
  • William Bolcom
  • Henry Brant
  • Martin Bresnick
  • David Burge
  • Elliott Carter
  • Michael Colgrass
  • David Crumb
  • George Crumb
  • George Duke
  • Moritz Eggert
  • Michael Fiday
  • Philip Glass
  • Henry Gwiazda
  • John Harbison
  • Ellen Harrison
  • Karel Husa
  • Jonathan Kramer
  • Paul Koonce
  • William Kraft
  • Libby Larsen
  • Fred Lerdahl
  • Peter Lieberson
  • Pauline Oliveros
  • Stephen Paulus
  • Krystof Penderecki


  • Marta Ptaszynska
  • Bernard Rands
  • Frederick Rzewski
  • Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez
  • David Schiff
  • Joseph Schwantner
  • Roberto Sierra
  • Stephen Stucky
  • Morton Subotnick
  • Sir Michael Tippett
  • Augusta Read Thomas
  • Juan Trigos
  • Gao Weijie
  • Dan Welcher
  • Qu Xiao-Song