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CCM, Composition, Musicology and Theory
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Doctor of Philosophy

The PhD program in music theory is designed to provide a comprehensive course of study in the theory, literature, and philosophy of music and related subject areas. As opposed to the MM program, the coursework for the PhD program is made up of rotating specialized seminars that offer in-depth coverage of specific areas of interest. Students are expected to acquire competence in the broad range of endeavors characteristic of music theory, including:

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Conference paper presentations
  • Writing and Publishing a Doctoral Dissertation
  • Teaching ability to demonstrate intellectual breadth through the completion of a significant program of study in a secondary field (cognate).

To accomplish these goals, students will also need to develop the requisite skills in musicianship, languages, etc. Determination of a student's specific responsibilities will be made by a principal adviser, cognate adviser, and director of graduate studies.

Admission Requirements

  • Pedagogy of Theory (THRY 7015) (offered in the Spring every other year)
  • Set Theory I (THRY 8011) (offered in the Fall every other year)
  • Schenkerian Analysis I (THRY 8015) (offered in the Fall every other year, in alternation with Schenker 1)
  • Electives to complete 12 cognate hours (Any non-required graduate theory course). Recommended electives include:
    • 16th-Century Counterpoint
    • 18th-Century Counterpoint
    • Special Topics
    • Readings in Music Theory
    • Advanced Topics: Rhythm and Meter
    • Aesthetics
    • Schenker 2
    • Set Theory 2
    • A variety of Theory Seminars offered every year

For specific application requirements, see the CCM Application Handbook on the CCM Admissions page.